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About me

Dawn Edwards is a published author, blogger, social and political activist who wholly believes that she has the responsibility to use her words, whether they be written or verbal, in addition to her legal knowledge and political science background to uplift, motivate and specifically address issues that affect her community. She’s also a mother of 3 boys, a wife, an avid reader, and a trained dancer.

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Dawn Edwards (Newcomer Author )


That Halloween Night
by Dawn Edwards

Do you believe in other dimensions? I mean, besides the one we live in? You know, the 3rd? 5Th? People don't like to think of life in terms of dimensions and when they do, they think of Rod Serling's “The Twilight Zone”. Let me tell you, life does have other dimensions and we managed to step into one that Halloween night.

Chapter 1

Sitting in the driver's seat, I waited impatiently for her, honking my horn every five minutes to remind her that not only were we late, but that she was pissing me off. I glanced down at my watch and shook my head. Finally, I spotted Nikki walking down the driveway...

Food 4 Thought: Daily Affirmations and Life Lessons for the Soul
by Dawn Edwards

Life is about living. loving, sharing, learning, and evolving. It's about understanding the value of being aware and present, and always on the lookout for opportunities for self-growth and enlightenment. Food 4 Thought is a daily affirmation and life lesson book designed to enlighten, empower, motivate and inspire.

No chapters posted yet.


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