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  from That Halloween Night by Dawn Edwards

Chapter 1

Sitting in the driver's seat, I waited impatiently for her, honking my horn every five minutes to remind her that not only were we late, but that she was pissing me off. I glanced down at my watch and shook my head. Finally, I spotted Nikki walking down the driveway towards the car.

“Damn Nikki! Hurry up already!” I said as she slowly made herself comfortable in the car. “Could you wait a sec Jazz? I don't want to mess up my costume.” I watched as she took her time gathering up her skirt as she made her way into the car. Nikki was dressed as a belly dancer, and according to her she spent too much money on her costume to mess it up. Her skirt was rather long and with two high slits in the front and two in the back, it took some time to get totally settled in the car.

After putting her purse on the floor in front of her and her jacket in the back, she seemed to finally relax until she got a good look at my costume. She stared at me and frowned. “I thought you were going for the scary look Jazz? What happened to really getting into the role of a vampire?” She shook her head in frustration. Nikki was an actress at heart. With acting being her major in college and one true goal in life, she had a tendency to take things a little too seriously sometimes.

“Nikki, who ever said that vampires can't look sexy? Nobody!” I answered before she could protest. “Now let's talk about the real reason you're in a shitty mood. He hasn't called you yet, huh?” 'He' was Michael, her current boyfriend. They had a rocky relationship and recently had a fight which ended their three month truce.


   “No he hasn’t. Sorry I snapped at you, I guess he is getting to me. Oh well, forget it.” She smiled apologetically as she glanced at my costume. “Your dress does look good though.” I chuckled as I pulled into the gas station and turned off the car.

   “Thanks girl,” I replied as I went through my purse searching for my wallet. “I wasn’t sure how it was gonna turn after it ripped yesterday. But I guess it turned out alright.” As I stepped out of the car and began adjusting my costume, she began to laugh.


   “Have fun!” She said peeping out the window. I followed her gaze and saw two guys standing outside the mini-mart pointing and staring at me. ‘Shit, here we go’, I thought to myself.

   As I walked towards them, I watched as they took my costume in. I must admit, it was pretty authentic looking. I wore a long sleeve, ankle length, tight fitting black dress, with a slit up to my thigh on the right side. The front of the dress came down in a v-neck style and it showed just enough cleavage. I wore a long, black-haired wig which I had draped over my right shoulder; black knee high boots, and dark makeup to complete the costume.

   I noticed their eyes dropped to my left hand and I realized I was still holding my fake teeth. I smiled to let them know that I hadn’t realized it, but I guess my costume was a little too effective, at least for someone who’s been excessively drinking. They started to back away from me, and one of them looked up at the sky and pointed at the moon. It happened to be a full moon, with a few dark clouds lazily floating across the middle. What a perfect moon for an eerie ghost story, or some other bizarre supernatural account.

   “Kinda goes with your costume, doesn’t it miss?” The guy at the counter said with a bemused smile on his face.

   “Yeah, I guess it does,” I answered as I paid for the gas. I ...

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