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About me

Hi :) I’m a mother of 2, and have been writing for many many moons. I’ve been cooking up and working on a series that I’m excited about for a while now and am happy to finally be getting it out somewhere. I write and read mostly romance!

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Jinnifer St. Yves (Tier II Newcomer Author )


Dragonia: The Awakening: Awaken the magic within
by Jinnifer St. Yves

Lillyann grew up believing everything that she’d ever been taught about the Great War and the Dragonian Clan. After a fateful encounter with a dragon, her dragon, she learns that everything she’d ever known was a lie. When she must flee for her life she leaves behind her childhood love. In the forests she meets a dangerous and handsome stranger with his own demons. Their fates bound in ways they don’t her understand they will risk everything to keep the other safe.



What is destiny? Can one shape their own future or is it written in the stars? Do we really have any say in the course of our lives or are we just fooling ourselves?

Sighing sadly as these questions raced through Marissa's mind she...


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