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  from Dragonia: The Awakening by Jinnifer St. Yves



What is destiny? Can one shape their own future or is it written in the stars? Do we really have any say in the course of our lives or are we just fooling ourselves?

Sighing sadly as these questions raced through Marissa's mind she gazed at her daughter, sleeping peacefully wrapped up in the comforting and familiar warmth of her mother's embrace. Her heart shattered as she tried to imagine her as a toddler taking her first steps, or as a mood teenager. She knew not what fated awaited her little girl, the only thing that seemed certain was that she wouldn't be around to see it.

    "Dear, it's time to go." Gordon's voice pulling her from her trance as he pushed the flap at the entrance of their tent aside. His voice and steps faltered as he caught a glimpse of the sorrow in his wife's eyes. "We must meet with Agetha." He continued, Clearing his throat of unexpressed emotion he moved to stand in front of her. As the chieftain of the Dragonian Clan he was dressed in his clan's colors; red and black. His greenish blue eyes were filled with sadness as he glanced at his beautiful wife holding their infant daughter. It killed him to see her so distraught, however there wasn't much he could do. They were not the ones who started this senseless and bloody war. 

Marissa's eyes filled with desperation as she jumped up from her seat; still clutching her daughter to her chest protectively. She didn't understand how things had gotten this far.   

"How did things come to this? We could make a run for it." What madness had possessed Marcus, her childhood friend, to declare war on the Dragonian Clan? Their kingdoms had just been allied only a short while ago against Nicholai; an evil mage who had sought to use magic to take away free will and rule the world one kingdom at a time. With Nicholai finally defeated all had assumed that peace would be restored to the land of Londerson after a long and bloody five years. That wasn't the case however.  

     Gordon sighed as he walked over to place a gentle comforting hand on her shoulder. "You know that we cannot do that. We cannot abandon our people in their time of need; not for our own selfish desires." He sa...

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