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Never Far Away
by Patricia Elliott

*Published by Clarendon House Publications in their Rapture Anthology* Ryan Jenkins was once a happy husband and father, but a tragic accident took his wife from him; and now, all he can do is wish he were anywhere but at home. But when his daughter discovers something on the beach, life becomes a lot more interesting... "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

*Published by Clarendon House Publications in 2018 in their Rapture: The Inner Circle Writer's Group Romance Anthology 2018*


"Daddy, Daddy!" Jessa, Ryan Jenkins' whirlwind of a daughter, shot into his office, her red pigtails flying. "I saw a mermaid."

Picking up his six-year-old bundle of energy, he set her on his lap. "Did Ms. Peterson put on The Little Mermaid again?"

Every day he had to listen to her ocean-going adventures, despite the fact that he hated the water. It n...

Chapter 2

Together, they carried her up the stairs and into the house, laying her carefully on the bed in the guestroom. It pleased him that Jessa laid out the towels exactly as instructed. The woman's hair was damp and water still dripped from under her scales.

"I'll go grab the first aid kit," the nanny said, disappearing out of the room.

He sat down beside the mermaid and moved her black hair away from her face, his thumb brushing her cheek. Her skin was softer than he'd expected from one living in ...

Chapter 3

His head jerked up when he heard Scarlett's melodious voice, his feet stumbling against a rock. And as he was falling face first into the great ocean surrounding them, he caught a glimpse of her vibrant red hair surfacing a short distance away.

Dorothy grabbed him by the arm and he lifted his head out of the water sputtering. "Am I hallucinating?" he croaked.

"If you are, sir, I am, too," Ms. Peterson replied.

"Mommy!" His daughter barrelled towards them, shooting past the three of them...

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