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from Never Far Away by Patricia Elliott

Copyright © 2018–2020 Patricia Elliott

Chapter 3

His head jerked up when he heard Scarlett's melodious voice, his feet stumbling against a rock. And as he was falling face first into the great ocean surrounding them, he caught a glimpse of her vibrant red hair surfacing a short distance away.

Dorothy grabbed him by the arm and he lifted his head out of the water sputtering. "Am I hallucinating?" he croaked.

"If you are, sir, I am, too," Ms. Peterson replied.

"Mommy!" His daughter barrelled towards them, shooting past the three of them and right into her mother's waiting arms.

"Wait, Jessa." He tried to reach for her, but almost lost his balance again, his head spinning. She couldn't be here. She was gone. Dead. Yet, standing in front of them was his wife, or part of his wife. Her other half was sporting a tail, just like the mermaid beside him.

"You go, too." The black-haired mermaid said, pushing him towards his wife. But he couldn't make his feet move.

Ryan closed his eyes. "This isn't real. This isn't real."

A moment later, he felt the soft touch of a palm against his cheek. "Ryan, open your eyes," came her soft, angelic voice.

He shook his head, refusing to...

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