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Young Adult
When the Music Stops!
by Nova

Follow Rin and a few of her fellow classmates on a journey through love, passion, pain and life. All expressed through feelings and music. Rin's little world is turned upside down when she reaches out to other fellow musicians. Her passion for music blinds her as she walks right into the light of others. You will soon discover their secrets... Their own dreams and passion. As she speaks to another in present time, you will venture into her past and find out who these people are and why all their lives changed because of their love of music

Chapter 1

Rin sat in her chair trying to get comfortable. She reached around moving something attached to her that was poking her side. 

A man walked over, "Sorry, it sometimes does that." He said taking hold of the small black box and wire. "I'll fix it for you." ...

Chapter 2

"So, the four of you meet up at your house,"

"Five" Rin interrupted.

Casey blinked, "I'm sorry?" she asked.

"Originally there were five." Rin nodded.

Casey let the confusion set in for a minute. "Five?" she had to ask again. "Who was the fift...

Chapter 3

Rin let out a deep sigh as she looked over her list of songs. She felt the need to crumble it up and throw it away like all the others she had for the past two days. Tomorrow was Monday, her first day back at school after the first meeting with the rest of the music...

Chapter 4

So the first day back after a short weekend started off with a little twist. It wasn't so much as a bad twist, but it wasn't pleasant either. She really had no way of explaining it.

As her day continued on Rin had no idea how much she would see the others. Mos...

Chapter 5

It had been a few days since their last practice. Wednesday to be exact. Rin found herself heading to school tired just like almost every morning as she stayed up late to study for a test in math class. It was still a bit early and she was craving a pick me up so sh...

Chapter 6

Casey and Rin both watched as the cameramen set up their gear. 

"It's been a while." Casey smiled to Rin. 

Rin nodded with a joyful look on her face. "It has." She looked over to one of the guys bringing her a cup of hot coffee. "Thank you." Sh...

Chapter 7

Rin opened her locker feeling the weight of the morning hitting her hard. She had already gotten coffee and yet it seemed to be failing her. She shuffled her books and coffee in her hands as she rustled through her bag. She quickly realized that she couldn't hold up...

Chapter 8

Kol looked at his hands. He watched as the girl who sat in front of him, was turned around in her seat, painting his nails black. Kol rose a brow as she skillfully and carefully painted each nail perfectly. 

"So what is this? A many-petty?" Kol asked as h...

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