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  from When the Music Stops! by Nova

Chapter 1

Rin sat in her chair trying to get comfortable. She reached around moving something attached to her that was poking her side. 

A man walked over, "Sorry, it sometimes does that." He said taking hold of the small black box and wire. "I'll fix it for you." He stated as he bent over to secure the box on her side hip. 

Rin laughed a little as she watched him. "Well it's not like I haven't had my fair share of these." She stated. 

Both laughed a little as he fixed the box and readjusted the wire on her shirt with the small black microphone on her collar. "That should do it." He nodded. 

Rin looked up to the man with a bright smile. "Thank you." She said gratefully. The man stepped back away from Rin and back behind the set of cameras placed in a circle in front of her. 

A woman with long wavy blonde hair sat across from Rin with a camera right next to her. A team of recording experts gathered around at their equipment turning everything on and doing a quick check before turning to the woman with blonde hair. 

"Good morning Rin." The woman started. "My name is Casey Armada, as you already know." She smiled to Rin. 

Rin smiled back and gave a small bow with her head. 

"We are here today to talk about your band from high school." Casey looked to the papers in her lap and then back to Rin. "Now..." Casey paused for a moment. "I know it may be a bit hard to talk about the past... But it's also good for this to be out there. People are wanting to know more about your band 'Un-Known Artist'." Casey watched Rin for a minute or so and when she got no immediate reply she continued. "In the past year or so one of the band members passed away." The room was already quiet but it suddenly got even quieter. 

"Yeah, it was hard on all of us." Rin held back more than what she wanted to say on the topic. 

"But the four of you did something very special. And that's why we are here." Casey told Rin. 

Rin forced a good smile. 

"From what we know, you and the other band members didn't know one another until...?" Casey tilted her head a bit. 

"Until I posted up a flyer looking for other musicians." Rin let her shoulders drop a bit. "It wasn't that we didn't know one another, it's more like... We didn't talk to each other, until that day." Rin felt a little uncomfortable as she sat in the red velvet old chair. 

"Why don't you tell us about that day." Casey smiled. 

Rin twiddled her fingers together as she thought of the day all four band members found one another. "Well, it all started with a little piece of paper........."


Rin wasn't one to have many friends. In fact she had next to none. Mostly due to her parents being very strict about her home and school activities. Her parents moved from South Korea to America many years before she was even born. Both made great careers and both were top in their fields. 

Rin's mom was a dentist and her father became a doctor, excelling in all kinds of the surgical fields. Her parents had two kids, her older brother and her. 

At some point in time her older brother was the star of the family. Playing all kinds of sports and staying at ...

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