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About me

My name is Nova, I'm level 31 about to be level 32 in life. I love all forms of art, from drawing comics, to writing stories, to even composing my own music. I have one book self-published at the moment and I am currently working on book II.

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Nova (Tier III Newcomer Author )


Young Adult
When the Music Stops!
by Nova

Follow Rin and a few of her fellow classmates on a journey through love, passion, pain and life. All expressed through feelings and music. Rin's little world is turned upside down when she reaches out to other fellow musicians. Her passion for music blinds her as she walks right into the light of others. You will soon discover their secrets... Their own dreams and passion. As she speaks to another in present time, you will venture into her past and find out who these people are and why all their lives changed because of their love of music

Chapter 1

Rin sat in her chair trying to get comfortable. She reached around moving something attached to her that was poking her side. 

A man walked over, "Sorry, it sometimes does that." He said taking hold of the small black box and wire. "I'll fix it for you." ...


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