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TALES FROM HELL Volume I: 20 Psychological Horror Stories
by Bert LaVey

After reading these new, different kind of psychological horror stories, YOU WON'T TURN OUT THE LIGHTS! "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

"My Grandmama died. They want me to kiss my dead Grandmama.

I am nine years old. No fooking way!"

What nine-year-old kid wants to go to a funeral?

Even it if was Grandmama's wake.

I had comic BOOKS to read, movies to see, TV shows to watch, little girls to tease and Tonka TRUCKS that had to be destroyed.

Fook a funeral!

I dreaded funerals!

But my mother was making me go whether I wanted to go or not.

Grandmama was cool wh...

Chapter 2
Mother Nature

 " You don’t curse Mother Nature."

  "Fuck Mother Nature!" 

This was one of Bobby-George's favorite sayings. He always loved to 'lord' it over things. That was why his first wife left him. He was too dominating and controlling and he had to control everything, all the time, all the way.


Every time we went hunting he would go into this long speech on how we were&...

Chapter 3
The Picture Of Dorian Black {Poem}

 "When does narcissism ends in murder? 

The picture beautiful The picture flat .

The picture mystical Of Dorian Black."  

It never changed it colors.

It never changed the chap.

But greed became the high order,
For one, Dorian Black.  

He never seemed to mis...

Chapter 4
Killer Weed

 "I loved Marijuana but how much was too much?"

  I listened to the voice. It was in my head. But I did not know where it was coming from. Hawww! That brain of mine! Always playing tricks on me.

The only excuse I needed for smoking bud was to breathe. Why was my brain playing 'tricks' on me?  


I inhaled her. I love you Mary Jane! Mary Jane? Mary Jane? Do you love me? Yes, you do, as long as I have the money. Awwww, th...

Chapter 5
The Three Little Pigs {Revisted}


 The Big Bad Wolf is Back with a Wack Attack. 

 "And I'll huff and puff and blow your house down!" The three little pigs were laughing their asses off again. "Fuck! How many times have we heard that one!?"

They laughed.  "He can take that 'woof woof' and stick it up his 'woof woof' ass!" They rolled on the floor again laughing their little tails off.  "Stupid Wolf!"  

They were in the brick house by now ...

Chapter 6

  What would you do if your little sister was brutally raped? 

 "Move out of the way, nerd!" 

Jose pushed Eddie out of the way as he walked into the classroom. It was all over the school that it was Jose who had raped Eddie's younger sister. She was in a coma at the hospital in critical condition. Yet, no one could prove it was Jose who had done it. They could only estimate that Jose did it from his past history of abusing and hurting women ...

Chapter 7
The Perfect Crime {Almost}

   "Only God can judge me now! Or not!"  

The young kid said to his friend, as he passed me at the train station.  How right he was!   

I had just killed my wife. She was dead and buried now, and I had all the insurance money. It seemed that quick and simple but it wasn't.  It actually, took over a year to kill my wife, and almost another year before I got the insurance money.   It wasn't tha...

Chapter 8
Coincidence On Main Street

  You owe $20,000 to a cut-throat Gangster. What do you do? 

I owed Big Tony $20,000 and I had to have it by midnight tonight!

 If you were one second, one penny short of Big Tony's money you were a dead man. I had 24 hours.  


I went to the bar to get a drink and figure out what l I was supposed to do. I had a sure bet the guy told me, I could not lose. To make a long story short, my horse missed coming in first by 'that much'....

Chapter 9
The Time Factor

  It's 2025 and time is of the essence. And cash. And more important than your life. 

 I looked at my watch. I had only a half hour for lunch and the guy in front of me was taking an eternity to order a McRib and fries.  If you were even one minute late getting back from lunch you could be fired and there was a host of other applicants ready to take your place the moment you were let go, and this guy was eating up my minutes like a shark...

Chapter 10
This Is My House!

 A house invasion. A little kid with magic powers.  


 "Listen, homie, this is MY house now. Everything belongs to us and those who oppose us will die. It is as simple as that. We are going to break into the house there at the end of the block. Those fuckers are either going to pay 'rent' to us also or move the fuck out." I think this black bitch and her boy live there. This should be a piece of cake! When we go in tonight we wi...

Chapter 11
The Gate

  Be Careful Who You Bully.  

"Keep the gate closed, please." The old man told them. "All I ask is that you keep that gate closed all the time." "Shut up, old man." One of the tenants said at the apartment building the old man just moved into. "You old crazy goat! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"  


Almost everyone was laughing at him as he moved the scooter off the stairs with the glass of water, and made his way to his ...

Our Christian World

 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. He wants to murder me.  

"I don't envy you, gurl!"  


“Yeah, right.”  "You mean your boyfriend killed this guy just for slapping you in the face?"  "Yeah, that's what happened. 

This guy was drunk off his ass and he tried to ask me out in front of my boyfriend, and then he slapped me because I refused, and my boyfriend saw red, went to his car and pulled out his...

Chapter 13
The Perfect Lover


 You meet your perfect soulmate. But the body count is up.  


This is my Voice Log for June 17, 2017. I couldn't believe it! I had to pinch myself to make sure that this was for real. That this was the real deal. I finally found me the perfect lover. The perfect mate in every way. I had finally met my perfect 'soul-mate'! Physically, mentally, spiritually, he were a perfect mate...

Chapter 14
Little Girl, Smart

  The Amber Alert has gone off. It’s for your daughter. What do you do?

"Why the fuck didn't this little girl just shut the fuck up?" I should have gagged her like I did all the rest! 

I spied her coming home from school alone. Bad choice on her parents part. She always took the same path and there was a blind spot that was perfect for me. A few steps into the woods she had to go and I would be there waiting for her.

As alwa...

Chapter 15
A Matter Of Matricide

  The title says it all.  

Juan walked into the kitchen and a big smile came over his face when he saw his Aunt Selma from upstate. 

 "Hola, Aunt Selma!" He said running over and hugging her. She was his favorite Aunt. 

"Hola and how is my little hombre!?"

  "Fine. I made the cheerleader team this year!" 

Juan swung around like a ballerina dancer.

"That is wonderful", Aunt Selma said. "An...

Chapter 16
Little Red Riding Hood Rides Again

  A Re-telling of the old Fable.  

Grandma was in the bed curled up with a good book by Stephen King when she heard the knock on the door. Being nearly senile, Grandma said 'Come in', thinking of course, that it was her granddaughter Little Red Riding Hood.

The big bad wolf pounce into the house wearing a red riding hood.

 Granny said, "What big eyes you have!" She knew the routine.

And the wolf reply, "The better to see you."


Chapter 17
Carrie {A Parody}

  {The saga of a young, black girl with ESP Powers}  


The Shower Scene:  "You mean all I was doing was having my period? I nearly went psycho in that shower room! I didn't know what the hell was happening to me! Blood running all down my leg. And those nasty girls laughing at me! I thought I cut myself, you know where! My damn period! You need to tell me about stuff like that momma. I was embarr...

Chapter 18
The H. A. L. 2020

You got the latest in A. I. R. and it has fallen in love with you! Wait? A. I.'s don't have emotions!  


"Hello, Brewster. I am the H.A.L. 2020, and I am your new A.I.R.! Artificial Intelligent Robot! You can call me HAL!"

"I can do a variety of task, including: cooking certain meals, awakening you in the morning and reminding you of any appointments. I can regulate your exercise program and your day and I can even cl...

Chapter 19
Little Boys Don't Cry

  Your son is kidnapped and it’s your fault.  

"Forgive me, Father for I have sinned!"  

Th​e man in the booth at the CATHOLIC CHURCH was Alexander. 

He was a father of four and recently he had gotten into TROUBLE WITH the Mafia to the tune of $40,000. Alex knew he was taking a gamble on the horse he got a TIP on. And he was deseperate!

He was TIRED of working in the fields. His wife taking care of his four kids and ...

Chapter 20

  What if everything you typed came true? 

  "Look! The COMPUTER is only $10.00 more and nobody uses an old word processor anymore. Be smart and get the computer. For $10.00 more you can't beat it."  


The sales guy was STARTING to annoy me. He was in for a hard sale. I was in a secondhand store and I had come to get a word processor for my writing career which was nil at the time, but I loved to write and I loved ...

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