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from Aradia's Diaspora by Susan Woerner

Copyright © 2018–2019 Susan Woerner

Scene 77

We watched the ship sail away, the Twins waving goodbye from the stern. Toci cried and waved back until their figures were so small, we could no longer make them out. I looked at the necklace Nkiri had given me before their departure.

“To remind you of Yemaya and Her great goodness shown to us on our journey,” she said to me as she closed my hand around the beaded work. I dropped the necklace over my head, feeling the carved figure of the goddess resting on my chest, next to my heart.

“I will remember Yemaya,” I said to her, “but I will also remember you, Nkiri. I hope that after all we’ve been through, you will allow me to call you friend. Maybe even sister?” She smiled, but didn’t affirm my request to be friends. Instead, she turned to...

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