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from Aradia's Diaspora by Susan Woerner

Copyright © 2018–2020 Susan Woerner

Scene 49

Later I found Nana and Pua enjoying tea with some of the Cryst women. They looked rested and happy, the burden of leading the Daughters here seemed far from their minds. I hated to break the mood, but I needed to speak to them about Mella and the twins. Since Lazuli mentioned the shared dream, or prophesy, I wanted to hear what other Cryst had to say, so I asked the two women - Larimar and Isoletes - to stay with us.

After I told a shortened version of what Mella had told me and her request, I asked their opinions about taking all three of them with us as we made our way to the Inquisito. Nana and Pua looked at each other, something unsaid passing between them.

“It is up to you, Betty,” Nana said. Pua nodded, but the Cryst looked perplexed.

“Dearest Nana,” said Larimar, “when the Cryst share a dream, it is not taken lightly among us.”

“Yes, it is of utmost importance that you consider the meaning of our dream,” said Iolites, “the power of a shared dream among the Cryst is what we are known for giving to others.”

Listening to what they had to say didn’t really change how I felt about taking children on what I supposed would be an arduous journey, not to mention the unknowns once we got there. How could Mella - or any of us - foresee how to protect the twins? The Malefici had slaughtered a high bovine priestess and who knows what other havoc they’d been wreaking across the countryside.What else might they be up to?

What if Maddalena took the twins hostage? Or harmed Mella? From what Mella had told me of their conception there was something important that they were to do. Rati said their purpose was for her queendom, not the fight we were heading into...

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