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from Aradia's Diaspora by Susan Woerner

Copyright © 2018–2020 Susan Woerner

Scene 34

“Who’s Madeleine?” Auri asked.

“A bear-woman - she-bear - I met. And sort of dated,” I said, looking where Madeleine had run off, hoping she might come back.

Really? She might be wicked mad if she comes back.

“I think maybe we should head back to the village,” Auri said, “I think I’ve had enough excitement for the morning and we’re going to have a busy afternoon.”

“Ok. But so I’m clear about what just happened,” I said, “between us, I mean. You got that I’m not straight, right?”

“Yes, you’re not straight but you’re not crooked,” Auri said toweling off, “You’re what again?”

“Lesbian,” I said, “Lesbo, Dyke, Sapphist, Woman-Lover, and a bunch of other names, some of which I don’t want to repeat.”

“You have so many women in Mich-i-gan that everyone can be called something different?” Auri asked.

“Something like that,” I said, wrangling my jeans over damp skin.

Silent, we headed back down the path.

This is awkward.

“So, just to finish up our conversation,” I sta...

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