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from Aradia's Diaspora by Susan Woerner

Copyright © 2018–2020 Susan Woerner

Scene 29

“Rest now, Shala,” Nana said, “thank you for telling us what you can remember.”

Nana stood and we did the same, moving toward the door.

“I think it would be good if the four of us went to my yurt to discuss this further,” Nana said. As we began walking away from the yurt, Isobeau and I gave side-eyed glances to one another. We didn’t hear much more from Shala than we had the day before. What kind of plan could we have based on this information alone?

We walked among the Daughters, Nana greeting many as we headed toward her yurt. Remembering something I wanted to ask Nana, “was that Bhasi we saw fly out of Shala’s yurt as we were coming in?”

“Yes,” Nana said, “she is well enough to fly, though I cautioned her that the wound is not completely healed. She has yet to shift back to her Daughter form, which means she needs more healing time. I have a feeling she will not be dissuaded from going with you unless we confine her.”

“You would do that?” I asked.

“No, she has free will,” Nana said, “but when I said she should stay with the Daughters until her shoulder is completely healed, she screeched and danced back and forth along her perch. That is when Isobeau opened the flap to enter.”

“And whoosh, out she flew,” I said.

“And whoosh” Nana repeated.

“She must be so angry,” I said, “especially since she can’t communicate anything we understand.”

“This is true,” Nana said, “and unfortunately, we do not have time for her to heal and take her Daughter form before you need to be on your way.”

Putting some pieces into place, I asked “Nana, just now when you were talking about Bhasi, did you say she would probably not be dissuaded from going with me? I thought we weren’t going to talk about me doing any kind of leading here.”

Nana said nothing as she opened the flap of her yurt and invited us in. “I think we should have more tea and some cake,” she said not looking me in the eye, “then we can talk about Betty’s plan.” She stepped back out, speaking with someone who headed toward the Great Yurt.

Nana must shapeshift into a bull, she'...

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