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from Aradia's Diaspora by Susan Woerner

Copyright © 2018–2020 Susan Woerner

Scene 26

“Me?!” I said, taken off-guard by Isobeau’s question. I looked at Nana and opened my mouth to suggest it would be better if she did it, but before I got there, she interrupted.

“I am not the leader for this journey,” Nana said, “I need to keep safe the Daughters here in the village. If Shala was followed, then we need to be on our highest guard and we need to keep the magic going. That is what I am good at and it is my duty.”

“Then it shall be me,” Isobeau said, “I shall take as many warriors as I can and we shall free the remaining sisters and any others. I will be able to catch up to Ruis. We can bring down the Malefici.” She fist-pumped as if she were winning a ball game.

“No, Isobeau, you are too eager and too angry,” Nana said, “you do not move forward with a plan, only with your heart.”

Nana looked at me expectantly, hinting with her facial expression that I should step up.

She wants me to take charge. Oh my Gaia, I don’t think I can do that!

“Uh. Isn’t there someone else who can um lead a rescue party?” I said, “I’m like, like an outsider and all. I really have no leadership skills. I mean I got picked last for kickball! How could I ever rescue anyone?” I knitted my brows together hoping I looked pitiful and useless.

“Then it should be me!” Isobeau shouted.

“No. It should not be you, Isobeau - you are like a fire burning too hot. It should not be me, because I must lead the Daughters,” Nana said, “Betty, you are the one with the most knowledge about the Inquisito. You are a witch, and this situation demands that powerful magic be used against powerful magic.”

This time it was my turn to shout, “why does everyone keep saying I’m a witch? I am not a witch! I have no idea how to cast a spell, and I can’t shapeshift like you, Nana.”

“Betty, from the moment you...

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