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from Aradia's Diaspora by Susan Woerner

Copyright © 2018–2020 Susan Woerner

Scene 19

For the next two hours, we waited. Ruis and Isobeau, two healers and a couple of women who were part of the Guard were in one of the house yurts with Shala, the warrior who was first spotted on the hill. Beside her, in her hawk form, was Bhasi. No one else was allowed in with them. The Daughters gathered in small groups, speaking quietly with one another.

“Sisters,” Pua said, standing on a bench in front of the group, “we are all very concerned for Shala and Bhasi, and your incantations of healing will be heard. But we must also be mindful of each other and our needs. The elders and children still need to be fed, even if you do not feel hungry. We still need to relieve the sisters on Guard so they may rest. You, who have skill, must continue the protection spells. We must all work together.”

As Pua was finishing, one of the healers came out. She stood on one of the benches nearby so she could speak to everyone gathered.

“Shala is hurt but resting. Her wound is deep but she will heal,” she said, “Bhasi has a cut on her shoulder that must heal before she can return to her self. We need some sisters to catch fish for her for she will not heal eating what we eat.”

Several women shouted that they would fish for Bhasi.

The healer went on, “Pua is right - we must take care of each other as well. It is better to do what you would do under normal circumstances for right now. Rest in the knowledge that Bhasi will return and Shala will be among you very soon.”

Someone shouted, “What about the rest of them? Those who were also on the journey? What about Nana?”

The healer looked at Pua, considering what to say, not sure ...

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