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from Aradia's Diaspora by Susan Woerner

Copyright © 2018–2020 Susan Woerner

Scene 10

Something a bit foul smelling filled my nose as I came out of the darkness of unconsciousness. The smell came in waves of barely noticeable to overpowering. I felt steam near my nose. That was enough to help me break the surface to daylight and to Isobeau, waving tea under my nose. I was having a hard time focusing on her, but I could hear her well enough.

“Ah, there you are!,” she said, “drink this.” She held a cup under my nose.

I stretched, yawned, scratched and looked in the cup. There were things floating on top. Things that did not look or smell familiar. I stared for a moment at the swirling things.

“Drink up! You will feel tremendously better. Your eyes will focus and your head will feel like it actually belongs to you and was not replaced by some boulder. Then I suggest you finally introduce yourself to me.”

I put the cup to my lips, but they pulled back, afraid to take the plunge. Finally, I convinced them that this was something we would do together – my lips and me – and if we didn’t like it, we would not have to drink the tea.

I was surprised that while I had to stop to pick twigs and what looked like grass out of my mouth, the taste was not as unpleasant as the first smell of it. Isobeau was right – my focus was coming back. I felt clearer. And very hungry.

“Betty,” I said.

“What?” She was frying something o...

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