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  from Aradia's Diaspora by Susan Woerner   

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Scene 1

I looked at the photos one by one, taking in details, arranging and rearranging them, shuffling and stacking different ones, as if I were giving myself a tarot reading that I didn’t like the answers to. One photo in particular stood out because I saw new details every time it showed up in the various spreads I’d made on the kitchen table.

It was a young woman with long hair in a thick braid slung over one shoulder. I’m no fashionista - historical or otherwise - but it looked to me like she wore a man’s shirt and pants. I say men’s because there’s no mistaking a curvy woman in a shirt and pants designed for an uncurvy man. While it completed her outfit, her straw hat seemed a little too big and I guessed it too was probably borrowed from a father or brother.

But her choice of clothing wasn’t what really held my attention - it was the fact that the image was blurred arou...

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