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from It Is Over by Marcus M. McGrew (MMM)

Copyright © 2019–2020 Marcus M. McGrew (MMM)

A little piece of land

 First thing you want to do is we got to give you a test.

Oh what was ABRAHAM LINCOLN' s mother’s name?

What the hell that Indian give a damn about ABRAHAM LINCOLN' s

mama? May be we would understand it a little bit better if

all Americans had to take an Indian test before we could go

to college. May be that Indian throw you up on that

reservation and ask you what was sitting Bull’s great

grandma’s name? We are insane enough to not only put him

up on the reservation but to control his educational

system and we got nerve enough out of all of the people

on the face- of this earth we. got. nerve, enough to teach

that Indian that COLUMBUS discovered America.

So we say we tired of this white racist

system. I never will forget I lived in that black ghetto and

developed me a ghetto culture and I got ready to go to one of

them white schools, see I didn’t have to take the test

because I was a good athlete. Come here boy, ya I got passed

that. I’m sitting and I was doing my thing, you understand?


I never will forget one day I’m sitting in the

math class and this white instructor walks over and says

how you .doing boy? I say well I think I got it mastered

if I Just figure out this one formula and he says. What

is it on your mind? I. say, well let me break it all the

way down. I say two and two is four. He say what? I said

two and two is four. He said what did you say? I said four

white hoy foir, one-two-three-four. He said my God you -

colored folks do talk different. Ya, five -six-seven-

eight-nine we do talk different don’t we? You white folks

better check your thing out .• You run around

here thinking that you talk...

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