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Chick Lit
Lady Bug Rebelution
by PJ Colando

Upon release from prison, a young woman wins a mega-lottery. Will she forgo the revenge she's desired and plotted for 2000 days of incarceration? Or, will she yield to her friends' view that 'living well is the best revenge? "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Book #4 in Faith, Family, Frenzy! series



Amy’s Traverse City entrance was not as quiet as she’d intended. While the trucker accepted no payment beyond his leer and failed attempts to paw her shoulder, his truck’s brakes had screeched, the exhausted belched and fouled the air, and she felt like Sousa’s Band had announced her arrival. 

As always in life, some elements of the ride upstate were good, some...

Chapter 2

Chapter Two



“10. 11. 31. 41. 44. 14. 24.” The numbers hung on the above-the-bar screen for several seconds, long enough for Amy to dig her lottery ticket from deep inside her bra, a bit withered by sweat. 

She smoothed the paper ticket and looked at the string of numbers, lined like kids at recess, waiting to be picked for the team. She glanced back up at the TV, then back at her ticket. C...

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