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Immortally Beloved: (a vampire's vignettes)
by Alayna-Renee Vilmont

Born into the lap of luxury and a time of turmoil, Mme. Eleonore Delphine Vigneron experienced her coming of age in the Court of Louis XVI. Marked for death by birth, Eleonore endures hardship before traveling home to exact revenge on the brother who sold her for his own protection. On the brink of death, Eleonore is given new life in the most painful of ways, becoming a beautifully timeless vampire. Leaving everything behind, she escapes with the help of a deceitful coachman, looking back without tears as the former glory of Versailles became her greatest tragedy and shining triumph. "Sounds interesting!"

Je Ne Regrette Rien

8 d├ęcembre 1793

Versailles, France


Once opulent and full of the richness of life, the city is a torch-lit darkness, stinking of death and screaming of everything sanguine. Eleni runs, and runs, and runs. She pushes her way...

Chapter 1: Awakenings

29 Octobre 2015

Aubrey Parish, Louisiana

Eleni sits upright in the old-fashioned damask chair in the hotel. It was the kind of place time forgot, a relic of things that once were treasured and had since fallen into disrepair. A fire burns across the r...

Chapter Two: Pas De Deux

31 Octobre 2015

Aubrey Parish, Louisiana

Having spent the day exploring the town, Eleni noted the pleasant drizzle was becoming more and more aggressive. She let the wind rage at her, clad only in her lace and silk black summer dress and matching heel...

Chapter Three: Pas De Deux, Et Trois

The creepy noise that startled Eleni wasn't a ghost or a storm or whatever else she'd imagined. It was Dino.

Walking into the hotel, Dino Dinelli throws his bags on the floor. He finally found the damn bed and breakfast after walking all over town and meeting ...

Chapter Four: The Red Question

The rain still howled as the wind blew through the Parish, and everyone was safely inside. Everyone, of course, except Eleni. She couldn't sleep after the strange encounter with Marius and staying in the sitting room of the hotel was too tempting. She had to be care...

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