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Literary Fiction
Irish Firebrands: A Novel
by Christine Plouvier

How far will a man go, to know his father? To become a father? All his life, Dillon Carroll has felt cut off from the past by his lack of parents. Half his life, he has felt cut off from the future by his lack of posterity. He is haunted by a chain of ancestors that ends with himself. Genealogist Lana Pedersen becomes Dillon's hope for reconnecting with his roots, and with the meaning of his life: to fulfill his dream of belonging somewhere, to someone, forever. "Sounds interesting!


Irish Firebrands can be identified by only one genre here at ChapterBuzz, so my choice was Literary Fiction, but it's much more: it's a Paranormal, Philosophical, Inspirational Romance which also happens to be Boomer Lit (a genre not available). In other words, it's about life, ...

Chapter 1

 THE scribe had borne down hard, his pen strokes reversed in high relief amongst the pinholes dotting the back of the card. Lana Pedersen’s fingertips explored the Braille-like bumps as she read:

To Let. Drumcarroll. 2-storey stone & slate farmhouse, orchard &a...

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