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Mention on Blog: a powerful way to share

Mention on Blog is a new feature designed to help get the word out about your favorite authors on ChapterBuzz...and help you get more visitors for your blog!

Here's how it works:

1. Write a blog post mentioning your favorite author

Write whatever you want in your blog post, but if you need ideas, you can use Blog Blurbs.

Blog Blurbs are pre-written, pre-formatted snippets that you can drop right into a blog post for a quick, easy way to mention your favorite author.

You can use Blog Blurbs to mention:
  • A particular author. Got a favorite writer and can't wait to sing their praises? On that author's profile page, click "Mention on Blog" to get the Blog Blurb. Find an author here
  • A certain book. Mention a great book on your blog. The Blog Blurb for a book contains the book's title along with links to all the chapters that are available for people to read on ChapterBuzz.
  • A specific chapter. Easily post a link to a chapter you enjoyed. On the same page you're reading the chapter, click "Mention on Blog" and the Blog Blurb will appear for you.
Learn more: How to use Blog Blurbs in a blog post

2. Share your blog article with us

Once you've written your blog post, it's time to share!

On the profile page of your favorite author, click "Mention on Blog," then the "Share article" button. You'll be prompted to enter the title and URL (link) to your blog post. (Please make sure it's a direct link to your article, not just the home page of your blog.)

You can search for an author here.

3. Enjoy more visitors to your blog

We'll notify the author about your article, and that author will confirm they're mentioned in it.

Done! A link to your article will now appear on the Discovery Feed for all to read.

It's a win-win: while the author you mentioned will be thrilled about the exposure, you'll enjoy visitors to your blog.

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