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Fan Fiction
Back to Donkey Island: A fan tribute to Monkey Island
by Gilbert Gallo

A terrible curse ruined your royal wedding, placing your soul into your pirate grandfather's body. To lift it, you must lead a crazy crew through countless hilarious challenges in this adventure inspired by Monkey Island and Pirates of the Caribbean. "Sounds interesting!"

The cursed maiden

The [b]curse[/b] weighs like an unbearable burden on you.


This body you're [i]in[/i] is a torment and a mockery: it does not belong to you, nor does the hateful name associated with it: [b]"Guy"[/b].


You want your former body and your former life back and you are ready to do whatever it takes.


After a terrifying journey aboard a rickety coffin-shaped boat, you finally come to the heart of Scuffle Island’s rotten swamp: the skul...

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