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from Assassinato Selva by Steven Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 12

The afternoon was coming to a close, the pair had no real idea just how far or long it would take to get back to the village, and walking through this vast jungle seemed to be endless.

Upon chasing after Vicky the backpack that Katie discarded was now lost, and even though they had tried to backtrack they couldn't figure out where it had been dropped, everything just seemed to look the same, large portions of the jungle were like halls of mirrors, so much greenery, shrubs, blossoms and giant trees, twisted vines that looked like they were trying to choke the life out of all plant life around it.

Katie let out a frustrated growl as they continued to plod through the tangled growth, "Flipping satellite phone, it's useless. It doesn't work, it just will not connect." Katie was about to throw the damn phone high into the trees when Keeley snatched it from her hand. "Let me try, don't just throw away our last hope of calling for rescue. We can't abandon all hope."

Katie snarled but soon realised losing her rag would do no good, she calmed herself down and tried not to lose her cool as vines continued to slow her stride. Keeley studied the phone and began working her magic on the device, her cousin was renowned for having little patience with technology and Keeley thought she best handle it before Katie smashed the phone to pieces.

"It's not a very good signal that's all, I think these humongous trees must be shadowing the signal," Keeley scoured around and saw an opening, out onto a more sunlit area that would most likely be a clearer view of the sky, "Over there, let's see if it helps."

Katie had no time to respond as Keeley bound over the small bushes and vines towards the open area, she followed but held little hope that the satellite phone would work at all.

Keeley was circling the open area by the time Katie arrived, she continued to twiddle the dials and held the device up in the air, trying anything she could to get a good connection.

Katie sat on a large rock and rubbed her lower back, "We are truly fucked, you realise this don't you Keels?"

But Keeley smiled, her young naive mind was always positive, even during such dire situations, Keeley had a generous and simple outlook on life, not much phased the glow of vitality that shone from within. "We can do this Cuz, we not done yet," again Keeley smiled that heart-melting grin.

After a long few minutes, Keeley gasped, taken back by the shock that she picked up a signal, it was weak but there was someone on the other end.

"Hello? I'm calling from Ilha Azul Lago,"

 'Is that how you say it?' (Keeley put her hand over the phone and looked to Katie for confirmation.)

Katie nodded and smiled at her cousin, a look of hope crossed her face, maybe Keeley was right, after all, they were not quite done yet. Help would be on its way soon.

"Hello, yes. My name is Keeley Bronze, I and my cousin Katie Harrison have come to this island and we are in terrible danger." Katie couldn't hear the response but Keeley was deep in concentration, listening intently to the lengthy response.

"No, I don’t know our exact location but we are moving south, and we should reach the village in the next 12 hours or so."

Katie stood up and began pacing back and forth, they needed to be rescued, and it n...

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