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About me

As a writer, I particularly enjoy creating new myths: allegorical monster stories with heroes, villains, and spiritual themes. In one sense or another, myth arises from or is based on reality, and so it breathes and is in some way alive (hence the play on words for my site title). Imagination frees us to consider reality from different perspectives, and it is therefore pragmatic when employed properly. Unfortunately, it is often regarded as little more than an entertaining escape in modern culture. For fantasy to serve its greatest function, it must be entered into with a proper balance of intellectual discipline and childlike fascination. By means of my own stories, I wish to stimulate my readers and to provide them with a satisfying intellectual space which they can inhabit until something real catches up with them.

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Robert Jones (Tier IV Newcomer Author )


Science Fiction
Alias Adam
by Robert Lambert Jones III

A mixture of science fiction, mythology, and social commentary, Alias Adam is ultimately a love story on multiple levels. A young man with four biological parents is a virtual outcast in a culture which assigns identity based on categories of appearance into which he does not fit. A young woman has been assaulted throughout her life, and each of her assailants has died within one hour of attacking her. After meeting, they yearn for the impossibility of a normal life, but an odd sense of ethics stands in their way. Will they ever be able to attain the security they desire?



We live among monsters. Some are invisible, agitating that lower part of ourselves to distort the ways in which we think. Others move in human guise but remain unaware of their strings and the hidden fingers which pull them. Then there are those t...


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