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Mark Edward Langley is the award-winning author of the Arthur Nakai Mystery Series which includes Path of the Dead, Death Waits in the Dark, and When Silence Screams. He is currently working on book 4 and a new mystery series set in New Mexico.

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Mark Edward Langley     (Tier IV Newcomer Author )


When Silence Screams: An Arthur Nakai Mystery
by Mark Edward Langley

Arthur Nakai a visitor on his doorstep at White Mesa. Melanie Manygoats arrives on a cold winter’s day seeking his help locating her missing daughter. Arthur accepts and soon finds himself wading through the world of teenage prostitution where he discovers April has already been sold to a man known to everyone in the trade as The Cuban. Running underage girls is his business, and the revolving door of the flesh trade is always rotating. Meanwhile, a 15-year-old girl goes missing on the Navajo reservation. Are the cases related or are they simply part of a bigger, more horrifying picture? "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1


An Arthur Nakai Mystery


Copywrite © 2021 by Mark Edward Langley

Published in 2021 by Mark Edward Langley

Cover design by Zena Coffman

Author photo by Brittany Ghezzi




April Manygoats’ eyes flickered briefly, projecting snippets of images upon the canvas of her slowly awakening mind. As her consciousness sharpened, her eyes focused on the overwhelming darkness that surrounde...

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