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About me

My fiction is currently on Amazon and I am continuing my work with my first love, short stories, although I have novels in the works. Time is the challenge for me these days! Looking forward to connecting with others in the writing community.

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Alisonn Rose (Tier IV Newcomer Author )


Literary Fiction
A Million Laughing Souls: from "Did You Have the Time of Your Life?" a collection of short stories
by Alisonn Rose

Two young girls meet as one intervenes when the other is bullied. They form a lifelong friendship, not without its troubles, but despite miles, years, and misunderstandings, they manage to keep their connection. This series of stories drops in on them as well as others close to them at different points in their lives, and we see a journey unfold for each of them, from young girls to elderly woman.

Untitled Chapter
first part of short story

Judy Bones, as she was called, wanted to be old. Judy Skelton was her real name but because she was so thin, kids at school had started calling her Judy Skeleton, which naturally led to Judy Bones. It was catchier, and somehow, more insulting. She had been bothered ...


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