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The Same Vein
by Tara L. Herweg

Summer, 1985. Kylia is running away from her role in a family tragedy. Elizabeth wakes up to find herself hunted. The most loved, and most feared, band in America, The Same Vein, is wrapping up their American tour at Madison Square Garden--if, that is, the vampire in their midst can keep his own enemies at bay. New York City might just be big enough to swallow them all whole.


“Wake up.”

The sound reached down to where she lay, eyes closed but aware. 

“Come on, wake up.”

The sound pitched slightly higher, the throat tighter.

“Selene--please. Please.”

Her left eye opened before...

Chapter 1

From the July 1985 issue of the U.K. magazine, Music Now!, published June 10, 1985.

BLOOD FROM A STONE: My Sit-Down with The Same Vein

The Same Vein isn’t for everybody. Some would call them too polished, citing the...

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