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The Same Vein
by Tara L. Herweg


10 July 1985

I could ride all night. If Gus the Bus needs sleep, I’ll gladly take over, drive this metal goddess into my millionth sunrise. It’s not that the scenery is especially good—the American interstate highway can be a bleak, lonely place at 4...

Chapter One

12 July 1985

On nights like this, I write. The show was shit, the band was shit, the crowd deserved better. I was shit. Nothing clicked. Is it fatigue? We’re so close to the end, it could be. I can’t be bothered with t...

Chapter Two

None of them could speak. The air was so thick with recrimination and grief, it was a wonder any of them could see through it. Doug kept his eyes off the small, shaking woman sitting in the chair on the other side of the room. David Gallo stood to the...

Chapter Three

I can’t believe I’m here. Kylia, Sebastian, Reggie, and Chippy gaped at each other, the thought ever-present in their eyes. The bouncer at the door of Ballroom on Ninth was enormous. His face was stony, unreadable. For the second time in twenty-four hours,...

Chapter Four

“It’s for you,” Sebastian leaned into the doorway of the bathroom, where Kylia was brushing her teeth. She spat the foam from her mouth and took the receiver, a quick flash of too-white teeth her thank-you. Once the door was shut, she spo...

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