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A Coffeeshop Memoir
by MasifFirrahz

Faintly whispered half drunk confessions admitted quietly inside of a dimly lit abandoned coffeeshop after the midnight hours night after night slowly sipping hot Gingerbread Lattes trying to get sober by the mornings light. "Sounds interesting!"



#1 – Coffeeshop Confessions #1

#2 – Coffeeshop Confessions #2

#3 – Coffeeshop Confessions #3

#4 – Coffeeshop Confessions #4

#5 – Coffeeshop Confessions #5

#6 – Coffeeshop Confessions #6

#7 – Coffeeshop Confessions #7

#8 – Coffeeshop Confessions #8

#9 – Coffeeshop Confessions #9

#10 – Coffeeshop Confessions #10

#11 – Coffeeshop Confessions #11

#12 – Coffe...

Coffeeshop Confessions #1

Always for the ones we love we must shine for them so one-day they will have the power and courage to shine for someone else.


Coffeeshop Confessions #2

The pain and bruises on my heart remain as each day and year pass.

The pain gets less and less but it's still there.

It remains.


Coffeeshop Confessions #3

One-day the pain will be gone.

It will become easier.

I honest promise this.

But it is the journey.

Through all that pain.

And all the heartbreak.

That hurts so much.


Coffeeshop Confessions #4

Behind closed doors we are not spoken of.


Coffeeshop Confessions #5

True honesty this is us.

We are hateful lovers.

Yet also Intimate enemies.


Coffeeshop Confessions #6

I love you.

Even if we're not together now.

Only you have a heartbeat inside my heart.


Coffeeshop Confessions #7

And I still love you with every single fiber in my heart.


Coffeeshop Confessions #8

You made me feel weak as if I didn't know the weakness yet so now because of you I am not strong enough to allow you to leave my heart you are stuck there in it rotting away my heart is at its deepest core ruining all that was good in me turning me into someone and something I never would have turned into if you had not broken me completely.


Coffeeshop Confessions #9

Do not think.

Even for a second.

That I feel.

No pain.

Because I do.

I just do not show it.

I will never admit feeling.



Coffeeshop Confessions #10

Just because you do not see it or hear it.

Will not mean that the pain is not there.

Because it is here hiding deep.

Locked away deep within my soul.

And it will always stay here.

Waiting to finally be released.

But until that day comes.

I will never show you.

I am in.



Coffeeshop Confessions #11

You see no mark upon my skin.

You see no tears in my eyes.

You see no signs of pain.

Therefore, in your eyes.

I must not be in pain.

Yet I am.

In extreme.




Coffeeshop Confessions #12

Those cuts are not upon skin but soul.

Those tears have dried.

I have lost them all.

The pain is real.

Yet I do not dare show.

For pain is weakness.

And I cannot control.



Coffeeshop Confessions #13

I do not cry myself to sleep.

Nor do I wake up screaming.

Because of such haunted dreams.

I do not pull the blade swift across skin.

I do not hope it slices deep.

I do not fear the darkness.

I do not shudder at complete silence.

I do not hide myself from life.

I do not hide myself from prying eyes.

I do not tremble in fear of unseen shadows.


I must not be in pain.

Your wrong.

For hidden deep beneath.

I am alway...

Coffeeshop Confessions #14

You do not hear no gasp escape my mouth.

You do not hear horror tales of my past.

You cannot comprehend my life.

You cannot understand my ways.


I must not be in pain.

But I am.


Deep down.

I am in great.



Coffeeshop Confessions #15

You cannot hear me scream aloud.

Yet silently inside the screams release.

I do not throw things against my wall.

For truly.

It is unbecoming.

I do not kick or scream.

Because it would make a scene.

I do not punch things.

Because I do not need that audience.

I do not drown myself with brown bottles.

It will not help me forget.

I do not tie a rope around my neck.

What good would that do.

It would not take the pain away.


Coffeeshop Confessions #16

Sometimes perfect couples break up and I hope you find someone better than me but I want you to know deep down I hope we never ended our love because I will never stop loving you even if it breaks my heart I just know that you deserve much better than me just being a failure always.


Coffeeshop Confessions #17

My heart was so emotionally broken by other women in the past that I stopped believing in true love thinking it was only come and go. 

This thing called love confused me and I was reeling in the pain of aftermath when we met. 

As you came into my life.

I destroyed what we had simply and honestly because I did not know how to handle the feelings of real love I had. 

I ran away back to the devil I knew already than risk the chance falling and failing and disappointing...

Coffeeshop Confessions #18

Look into my eyes and tell me if you can see the hurt hidden within.


Coffeeshop Confessions #19

Listen to my voice and tell me if you can hear the sadness behind the false happiness.


Coffeeshop Confessions #20

Take my hand and place it to your ear and tell me if you can feel the funeral notes playing.


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