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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 20




UNIT: Team Bravo

SITUATION: The Search for Jagwi

LOCATION: The Exit Tunnel Under Hotel

TIME: 1520 hours Local Time, The Same Day



In the darkness of the tunnel, Dawn received Harvey’s radio transmission. She muttered, “Oh, my God.” She turned to Mungo. “Harvey is in the hotel and the search has begun. I think we should go through the little tunnel and wait at the bottom of the stairs to see if Jagwi tries to escape that way.”

“But, if we wait in there, he might see us before he comes down the stairs. If he sees us, then he might turn the other way and go for an exit above ground. I would suggest that we wait in the big tunnel. We have found a bicycle with a tire-driven generator for the attached headlamp on the handlebars. He might ride through the tunnel and escape at an exit. If that’s the case, it might be better to catch him by surprise.”

She nodded. “You might be right. With you, me, Pearly, Cowboy and Dude, we should be able to stop the beggar if he comes through here.” She stopped. “But how will we know if he’s coming down the stairs if it is as dark in the stairway as it is in this tunnel?”

“I can tell you for sure if he comes down the stairs in the dark, he will make noise. I remember trying to carry the body of our Korean up the stairs. There will be noise.”

“So, we just stand here in the dark and wait?”

“That sounds about right. Why don’t you take Pearly and Dude, and I’ll take cowboy and we’ll all stand on each side of the exit tunnel. That way, if he comes out this, we can surround him.”

“Let’s do this, guys, on each side of the exit. If he comes out, grab him.” They moved to positions on either side of the exit tunnel. They waited in the dark.


“What is it, Captain?”

“Harvey has just reported over the radio bud that he and Slover have just checked all room on the first floor and have not found Jagwi. They are headed for the second floor.”

Dude muttered, “And we wait in the dark.”

“Hush, be still. You will give away our position.”


“Oh, my. What was that sound?”

From his position  across the  entrance, Mungo

said, “I think someone is coming down the stairs.”

Tension rose in the pit of Dawn’s stomach. Her voice was strained. Her voice was soft. “Everybody get ready.”

Footsteps hurried down the stairway. The team members leaned toward the tunnel exit. Their hands were eagles’ talons him flexed to grab the General. They would be able to see the General with their modified Night Vision Goggles.


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