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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 4




UNIT: Team Reliant

SITUATION: Spence Calls A Meeting

LOCATION: Team Reliant Headquarters

TIME: 0900 hours Local Time, Current Date



Spence presided at the conference table. Present were Captain James Harvey, Captain Aleumdaun Yeoga, Sergeant Major Etienne Mungo, Sergeant First Class Dutch Slover, Staff Sergeant Cruz Grover, Sergeant Arbuthnot Graford, also known as Dude, and.  Sergeant Hank Wilhelm, also known as Cowboy, and Olaedoen Seiji.

Spence commanded, “Okay, one of you four people tell me what all of the excitement is about!”

The four who took part in the melee near Yalu Street looked at each other. Captain Dawn took a deep breath and started to explain.

Olaedoen held his hand up before she began, “May I?”

Dawn nodded in agreement, relieved at not having to explain a difficult situation.

Olaedoen leaned forward as he stared directly at Spence, “My Colonel!”

Spence held his hand up to forestall Olaedoen “Don’t forget, we are not supposed to use rank under our current assignment!”

“My apologies, uhm, ah, mister Spence. The four of us were following your orders in tracking down the source of mister Slover’s information. We were almost to Yalu Street when we happened upon a political rally.”

Slover looked at Olaedoen and cleared his throat.

“Uhm, excuse me, when we happened upon two political rallies. One of the parties was the Communist Party, and the other was the Nationalist him Party. They were him standing on opposite sides of the street. We were preparing to go around them. When mister Dude heard a voice he recognized. He believed it was the North Korean General. We looked, and he affirmed that it was. The General was haranguing the crowd across the street. Unfortunately, he saw us about the same time that we saw him. He ordered five Communist thugs to attack us. We were able to take care of ourselves, but the South Korea and police arrived on the scene. Since we had just bloodied the five thugs, we thought it prudent to avoid being considered part of a Communist Party street fight, and we left with great haste!”

Spence sat with his arms crossed and his fist in front of his mouth. Finally, he began, “How the hell? No, not even that! Dude, where you absolutely positive that the man you saw was our General Jagwi?”

“Sir, the man I saw is the same man I saw on the train in Russia. And as you know, sir, that man was deported from Russia. I believed then that the man was General Jagwi, and I believe it now!”

“Okay, how the hell did he get to Korea?”

Harvey intervened, “Sir, if I may, the question should not be how, but it should be what are we going to do about it?”

Spence let out an exasperated, “Sheesh! What are we going to do about it? I guess that is the right question to be asking now!” He thought for a minute, “All right team, the floor is open to suggestions!” Anybody have any thoughts about how we ought to approach this? Speak up!” He looked around the table.

Mungo raised his hand, “I have a question!”

Spence indicated with a nod of his head that Mungo had the floor, “My question is this, you say he was in front of the group of Communist? That would indicate to me that he wasn’t trying to hide. What is up with that?”

Slover leaned forward, “He is a Communist, you know! Yellow dogs run together. They were Communists, and he is Communist. Birds of a feather!”

Harvey interrupted, “There is something going on here that we are not aware of. I don’t think that we have all the facts!”

Spence erupted, “Well, duh!” Sarcastically he intoned, “So, what are we going to do about it?”

“Investigate!” Slover huffed.

Dude shrugged and with open hands queried, “Well, yeah! But how and where?”

Harvey added, “Right, we should investigate, and I think we should start where Jagwi was the last s...

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