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You Can't Blame That On Me: Some Short Stories
by Larry Thompson

These are stories that I wrote in response to things that happened in my life while I wasn't in my right mind. Some of them are lies! Yeah, I know, that's outrageous, but, I'm an author. I make things up! "Sounds interesting!"

The Wolf, Sleepy And Bushy

My brother says it never happened. but I know it did. I was there. I saw it.

My little brother and I have a problem with sibling rivalry. I call him my little brother. He's 15 months my junior but about three inches taller and 80 pounds heavier. He's losing hi...

Snow White and the Seven Army Dwarves

A writing prompt challenge by Bexx Matthews, an author at ChapterBuzz.com, "Write at least 750 words that retell your favourite fairytale - except this time add monsters," caused the following response by me.Snow White was the only fairy tale I could remember, and I...

When I Say "No"

Sometimes, when we have to tell our children "No" about something they really want, we find ourselves trying either to talk them out of it, or becoming angry and flatly telling them "no. "

They, with their limited life skills, don't know enough about life...

A Natural Gas

My wife and I knew that the Hill Country of Texas, and particularly the area around New Braunfels, San Antonio, San Marcos, and Austin was literally pock marked with caves and caverns.

We knew that out of the 3,000 or so caves, clefts, caverns, and sinkholes i...

Don't Rock The Boat

The wrinkled old woman looked at me and said, “What’s the matter, Sonny? Ya don’t look so good.”

I turned my green face toward her and said, “Mmph!”

She kind of snickered, and turned to her husband. “Sonny here h...

What We Will Be

As we were younger and the world was much simpler, knowing what we were and what we wanted to be was not so difficult.


When we grew, we came to understand that we had been too young to know what we needed to know in order to be


The Price of the Ancient Cowboy

I was standing out in the middle of a section of land. I was out on the Llano Estacado, the staked plain. I was just looking at the grassland. I was thinking about how my life had turned out.

Earlier in life I had been in the military. I had some gre...

Father's Day

Father's Day morning was....an interesting....morning!


My son and his family had come to visit for the holidays. Sunday morning, I was sitting beside my bed drinking my morning coffee when my oldest granddaughter,   came in car...

Doris and Bill, Living Legends

A few years ago, my wife and I had gone to a town in the western half of Texas to attend an arts and crafts show. I dabble in pottery and sell it at craft shows. Our vendor’s booth was right next to a lady who was selling a book she had written.

Her name...

Not Exactly "Bump" In The Night

A number of years ago, James Thurber (1894-1961) wrote a story that became famous. It has appeared a number of anthologies. His story was about things that happened in the night at his home, things that go “Bump” and scare people. It was titled, “T...

The Rooster, Egg, and Court House

If the story I’m about to tell you is a lie, I didn’t tell it first. I heard it right after I had stepped in manure, and I’m only repeating it. The guy who told it to me asked that he not be blamed for the story, although he did tell the story to m...

Memories Are Made of This

Bexx Mathews suggested this short story,: "You are someone living in a world where the currency is your very own memories. The rich know everything, while the poor trade what happiness they remember in order to survive. Write at least 750 words describing your life....

I Remember

It’s almost dark. I stand in the darkened living room looking out at the street. The kids and their friends ride their bikes and play catch. The boys chase the girls and try to put bugs on them that they have caught. And the girls scream.

I remember; we ...

On A Hog

I just saw a guy that looked a lot like my buddy, Hawk. Hawk is his motorcycle name when he goes riding with the gang.

I was stopped at a stop light, and this guy pulls up beside me.

He was about Hawk’s size; with totally gray hair, not silver, but...

Whiz By Or Drop In

Grandpa Harvey Fletcher’s wisdom, at age 94, was some­thing I came to appreciate. Whenever I visited with him, he always told me something I’ve never forgotten. He said, “Always keep your eyes open and your drinking glass covered.”


The Bridge was out

The assignment was, “Write a short story of no more than 250 words about the statement, “The Bridge was out.”


The Bridge Was Out


The bridge was out!

Damn bridge is always out!

Folks is always saying...

The Sound Police

The Sound Police



Last week my wife and I were sitting in our car at a traffic light when the car began to rock and sway. A deep throated ba—ba—boom vibrated through the car with a sound so low that at first I thought I was...

You Can't Blame That On Me

For me, it was a small misunderstanding, but for my mom, she has always thought I deliberately spit on the kitchen floor. I did not spit on the floor.

We were living up in the panhandle, on the Tom Taylor ranch, where Dad worked. I was about four years old.

The Unexpected Thing

The assignment was to write 50 words or so about this picture of a fishing boat off a frigid northern coast.



Off the Greenland coast, the boat Captain shouted, “I can’t get our motor restarted.

Everybody, quickly, te...

Asking The Impossible

I was slowly but ponderously typing away on chapter 31 of my new novel, Critical Deception, when I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. Assuming it was my wife, I said, “Just a minute, Hon, while I finish typing this sentence.”

A soft feminine vo...

A Decision

At The Corner Of Hope And Reality


Each New Day Brings

Another Chance:


You define who you are daily by

the decisions you make—


What kind of person will you


At The Corner Of Hope And Reality


When You Read!





Populating an Intellectual Wasteland

A couple of years before I decided to retire from teaching, I stood in the hallway at school observing the students as they passed from one class to the next. As I watched them behave and communicate, and thereby demonstrate their level of learning for the day, I wa...

Three Guys Walk into a Bar!

I’m the kind of guy who is easy to get along with. I mean I don’t get very emotional over odd or rare events, even when they happen to me. I just kind of let them slide, you know? Well, several of my students and I were at a bar when three really st...

Marrying Time

May and June, the wedding season, have a lot of history behind them. People talk about traditions during this time without ever really knowing where the traditions come from. Usually, they don’t know what they mean either. During a quarter century of research ...

They Did What At Christmas?

It’s funny about nursery rhymes, you know? We teach our children social graces and behaviors through nursery rhymes. We also teach them how to sing and how to memorize words to music. Nursery rhymes cover a multitude of subjects, but we seldom associate nurser...

On Marriage and Family

To my Son and Daughter

Take heed and listen as your parent speaks. These words are for you as you become spouses and the father and the mother.

When we deal with our loved ones, because of our familiarity with them, we have a closeness and a privacy that...




Phil Hill, the English teacher stood at the chalk board. He wrote tomorrow’s date and tomorrow’s assignment. Tomorrow would be April 18, 2017.

He wrote it, he hoped, so that at least one student would write the date. He wro...

Asian Deception

An excerpt from my novel, OPORD: Critical Deception

OPSEC: Asian Deception



Mission: Interdict and Sanction North Korean General To prevent Nuclear han...

No Disrespect Intended, Chris, But!


No Disrespect Intended, Chris, But… !


I know it may sound seditious, or maybe even traitorous, but I don’t believe that Christopher Columbus discovered America. As I stated in the title of this story, I intend no disrespect to Chris Columbus, but the fact o...

The Obvious Answer

The doctor said, “The test results are back, and they confirm my initial diagnosis! It’s true, I’m afraid!””

I looked at him and asked, “You mean your original suspicion that I have…”

He nodded and cut me off, ...

Who Me?

The Writing challenge was to write a piece of Flash Fiction, 100 words, plus or minus. The subject was New Years’ Resolutions. My entry was 100 words.


Who, me?


New Year’s resolutions? After 78 years of making them, y...

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