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from Killing Time In LA by Kenneth Lawson

Copyright © 2020–2021 Kenneth Lawson

Chapter 3 Day Three, Saturday, June 11, 1949

The early sun was making slats of light across the room through the blinds as I woke up.  Laying in bed listening to the wind move the trees outside my open window I considered turning over and going back to sleep. But I resisted the temptation. I slid out of bed being careful not to wake up Brenda.  In the kitchen, I found the coffee and fixings and made a pot.  While it percolated, I went over my notes from yesterday. There Had to be something I was missing.

 I  was on the phone with Bob, when Brenda came into the kitchen wearing only her PJ top. That barely came down far enough to cover her bottom. I glanced up just as she poured herself a cup of coffee.  

“Ah listen, Bob, Brenda just came in, I’ve got to go..” I hung up and came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her middle. Kissing her on the neck.

“Morning Hun..”

She turned around to face me. I let my hands find their favorite places as we kissed. We broke the hug and I sat back down with the phone and my coffee.

 She sat across from me. Well?”

“Well, Hell I don’t know. I think I’m missing something but I’m not sure what yet. Bob’s been trying to get the defense department to give him a straight answer. They won’t say what Lane did for them. The tailor yesterday was a bust. He didn't know anything more than we did.  His office was clean as a whistle. So neat it almost hurt. Bob says their house is the same way. But there has to be a reason she was killed. People like them don’t get killed for cab fare or a  quick buck. It's something big. But he hasn't got a clue yet.”

I finished my rant and drank more coffee.

“Tell me about following Clarence yesterday.”

“Well, he left here, and went straight to the hotel, and straight to his room. It was pretty much what you'd expect him to do.  I did sit around for a little while and waited to see if he came back out. He never did”  She drank more coffee and put butter on her toast.

“He could have gone the back way?”

“Yeah I know, but his car never moved.”

“How do you feel about going back and sitting on him again this morning? I want to go back and see Lane's office again, and see if Bob can get me into Her office.”

“Ok  sure.” She dumped her coffee and headed for our bedroom. Five minutes later she was dressed and out the door.

I called Bob again.

I told him Brenda was watching Clearance, and I wanted to see Lane’s office again, and Emma’s too. He said he’d meet me at the college.

 It didn't take long to get ready to go after I got off the phone with Bob. But not before I called Walt.Walt Reed was the third partner in the business. A former Marine Col. And at one time, my CO. He had retired after the war. I called him when I needed help a few years ago and since then he’s gotten his PI license and joined me and Brenda in the business.  He was also a fixture at the bar most nights. Mostly as an extra set of eyes. He usually sat at a table in the corner drinking the same beer all night long. His connections with the military and security analysis had been essential more times than I can count. I suspected that I was going to need his help again. 

Twenty minutes later I met Bob outside the building where Lane's office was.  He flashed his badge at the uniformed officer standing by the front door. Leading the way to Lane’s office. The small outer office was empty. So we went to the main door.

 Bob produced Lane’s keys and opened the door.  The room was exactly as it had been the other day. Nothing had been changed.  I glanced at the conference t...

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