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"New To Love..."
by Icy Goddess

This is a story about love and how fragile one's emotions can truly be... How something as simple as a text can destroy everything you ever knew... How heartbreak can tear you to shreds leaving nothing behind... This is a story about a prostitute and an FBI agent, a Prince and an asshole of an ex boyfriend... Adventure, love, twists and turns, all of which packed into this one novel... Kick back and enjoy the ride! (Author note: I am currently working on the cover photo will have it uploaded soon.) "Sounds interesting!"


What if all that you ever believed love was turned out to be true? What if love at first sight wasn’t just some silly phrase used in fairytales? WHAT IF love was as real as the blood that courses through your veins or the steady beating of your heart?

Then again; what if love is really nothing but pain and betrayal? What if all it ever does is shred you into pieces and leave you in the darkness to stitch yourself back together again...?



“Thanks babe. That was great, as usual. However, you are getting a little loose down there… Maybe you should think about taking a break? I’m sure a pretty girl like you gets a lot of customers. I’ll be back next month when my wife leaves for her business trip.”


I just have to smile and nod… that’s all… don’t say anything else! Just smile and nod to the asshole… come on June… smile like ...

Chapter One
Scars Of The Past... (Flashback Mode)

“Babe! Are we gonna go hang out today after school? I can make dinner!”


I was always trying so hard… trying hard to please everyone else around me without ever thinking about myself…


“Crap… sorry Lilly but not today babe… I have to run some errands… Maybe tomorrow?”


Chapter Two
Starry Night...

A few days have passed since that day… the Doc. Getting stabbed in the dick even made headlines… he didn’t say a word about me though or the letter I left him… Thank God for secrecy right? Anyways summer break is about over and I’ll be having to go back to school… I fucking hate school…

I decided that today I would go and watch the sunset… I’ve had a lot of time to think about the shit I did and I’ve even started looking for a real job…...

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