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from Memoirs of a Dacia by Dacia M Arnold

Kid Number 2
My 50 Hour Labor Story

Alright so it was technically 49 hours and ten minutes until she made her appearance. .

My little miss is my second child. I had my heart set on a natural unmedicated birth following the traumatic entrance of my son. I shared my plan with all the ladies at work. Towards the end I even joked that I would pull her out myself. Deep down in my heart I wanted this experience, but I never wrote off intervention. I knew that I wanted a healthy baby and I would do whatever it took to make that a reality.

Friday September 9th, 2016. That morning I had an appointment with the midwives. This was also the first and only third trimester appointment my husband attended. I had no expectation of being told that we were close to delivery, with my due date being the next day. She was nice enough to check my cervix and sweep my membranes. I did not mind since my water had not broken and there was little to no risk of infection. I was only 1 centimeter dilated and she said she did what she could with what little room she had in there. We were pretty confident that this little girl was not coming within the next five hours so we decided to take a trip to the mountains to go hiking. We hiked almost 3 miles and made our way back home. I had not slept very well the last few nights in anticipation of labor so I decided that tonight at about 9pm, this baby was not coming and Unisom was well deserved. I needed a good sleep after the days hiking.

10:30pm September 9th... The flood gates opened. I THINK my water broke. I could have peed a little. It could have just been my mucus plug. I did have to pee, a lot. Then i walked up and down the stairs a couple times to see if I could recreate the leaking, to no avail. Probably just pee. Went back to bed.

12:30am September 10th, Contractions.. Not so bad but they were horrible when laying down. I got up, walked around, took a bath and suffered in silence as to not wake everyone in the house.

1:30am- I woke greg up to let him know that we might have to go. In and out of the bath again, walked around, i laid back down and they let up for thirty minutes.

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