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from Memoirs of a Dacia by Dacia M Arnold

What's In A Name?
Thanks Dad

I hated my name growing up.


Like most kids with unique names, I tried my best to anticipate the substitute teacher’s grimace and squint as the trigger to give her the answer to such a mind boggling question... “How do you pronounce Dacia?”


Thanks to my quick wit, the title of this book alone has prompted me to write a memoir and answer the age ole question (age by which will remain a secret). Dacia rhymes with Geisha.


If you have never seen or heard the name before, I am sure you might

be nervous to give it a go. So, when I meet someone in person, or answer the

phone, I am sure to introduce myself, even if it is obvious who I am. I like to

skip the awkward stutter of an attempt at butchering my name. You are welcome.


Dacia is actually a European name, specifically Romanian. It is

rich in history, but we will get to the details in a moment. In America, the

common pronunciation of Dacia is Day-sha. This is the case with every Dacia I

have ever met. Because it is unusual in the States, I do not mind people asking

multiple times to remind them how to say it.


My dad named me after a character in his novel, The Reclamation.

He is the reason I know the true dirt origins of the name. When people

recognize it is Romania, I feel a slight sense of being exotic which is short

lived when they ask if I am in fact Romanian... I am not. My heritage happened

for me, not to me.


Some ways people remember my name: Day-shift, Déjà vu. The

latter is c...

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