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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 11
Truth That Works!


Almost every holy book or self-help book inspires you to know the TRUTH. And then sets out to tell you what 'truth' is.

In MetaPsychics we know that one man 'truths' is another man's 'lies'.

No one really share the same religion or philosophy on a 'private or 'subconscious level. Everyone has their own private philosophy or interpretation' of who and what the bible is, or who Jesus is, or who God is, The Holy Spirit is, what is a sacred cow, how many times a day you should pray, and so on...

So TRUTH is really irrelevant to MetaPsychics-

The old adage: "And the truth shall set you free.." is incomplete.

The truth, or an truths only can set you free IF you know who YOU are or are pretending to be what you are.

Only when you know who you are and where you are can any truth set you free.

So, MetaPsychics deals in truths, but we are only concerned with WHAT WORKS!

If it does not work to help you or me, then we chuck it. No matter how true or lofty it might had sound.

MetaPsychics is a science, NOT a religion.

Because we are dealing with man's primal fears we have to consider religion and ALL religions that has had an influence upon mankind.

It's just that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are the three Major Players in the Religious Game, so we mention them the most.

If a person wants to continue in his or hers 'faith' after reading MetaPsychics, they are free to do so. We do not recommend it, unless it is your purpose to serve in the religious Community.

MetaPsychics teaches a person that he, or she, is a 'unit of The Source of All Forces and Forms.'

A Creative. Intelligent. Feeling. Unit. A {C.I.F.U.} or SP {Spiritual Person or Being}.

You can heal others...You can heal yourself.

You can communicate at a distance or in a ear.

You can see what others can't see, and show them the light.

You can be Big or small.

Dead or Alive.

Control or be controlled.

        You can do a lot of what is called 'PSI' things when you know how.

Though MetaPsychics is a continuing growing PSI TECH Library, you only need to read the first two books of MetaPsychics to KNOW, UNDERSTAND, and USE your Psi-Powers.

Your TRUTHS are your business.

            What WORKS...is ours.

Posted by: Brewster

July 23, 2011, 4:57 a.m.

The Gifts {Talents} of The Spirit.

The Gifts of The Spirit as recorded in the bible are limited and pretty pathetic. Love, of all things, is not long-suffering! Love, to be love at all, DOES NOT SUFFER! 

To 'die' for someone is not a virtue, it is insanity, for the First 

 Law of Life and God is Self-preservation. 

Even when a parent say they love their children more than themselves...this is still the highest degree of selfness. You would WILLINGLY give your life for your child. And you should...THINK that way. But, in reality, the chance of that really happening are few and far between. Thank God. Listen!

It is far harder and nobler to LIVE for someone than to die for someone. Especially a dead person or a person who may not have ever lived in the first place. Dying is easy. It's the Living that can be a bitch or living hell, unless you know MetaPsychics.

And GOD is IN you as Spirit or LIFE. Or The SOURCE OF ALL LIFE IS WITHIN YOU NOT OUTSIDE OF YOU. And here are some of Its natural Attributes.

As a SP you are able to attract or repel Energy.

You are able to transmit and receive Energy.

You are able to KNOW, UNDERSTAND, and USE ENERGY or SPIRIT as a SP.

The Superior Energy of MetaPsychics consist of:












A SP 'activates' these qualities that are already dormant inside of him.


What some people call GOD. Others THE SUPER-MIND. And Yet others "THE VOID."

These are the Psi/psychic/physical elements of SPIRIT or THE SUPERIOR ENERGY.

You see, thoughts, emotions, and words are all forces and forms of Energy.

As a SP you can convert physical energy into psychic energy. And psychic energy into physical energy. You cannot change PSI energy for it is perfect and pure in Its natural state. It is what makes everything else 'perfect' and 'pure'.

If people realized 'perfection and purity' comes from Spirit or Essential Life rather than mental or physical properties such as I.Q. or skin color, there would be no racism at all... anywhere.

Knowledge is still Power.

As a SP you are in Charge and can Create and Command any ENERGY or SPIRIT Force or Form, seen or unseen.

Knowing, Understanding, and Using this will increase any and everything in your Life on a small or grand scale according to your Will and training in psychic and psionic Technology.

Posted by: Brewster

July 22, 2011, 9:58 p.m.

Create, ReCreate, and UnCreate


Instead of asking 'What can a SP DO?' 

It would be easier to ask, 'What CAN'T a SP DO, BE, or HAVE?"

KNOWING, UNDERSTANDING, and USING this data literary helps you FEEL like a 'god' or CIEU, Creative, Intelligent, Energy, Unit. {CIEU}. This is the true way you felt before you were born, programmed, and lovingly 'brainwashed'.

It WILL be the way you 'feel' after you are dead or cease to exist in your present, physical body.

Among the sixty Gods of Ancient Africa {called The Council of the Sixty}, there were Creator Gods, as well as Destroyer Gods. And The God and Goddess that gave and sustained LIFE in the Universe as well as 'earth'.

These were The Major Players, Gods of man and alien alike.

These were The Original GODS of the universe unknown till now.

These were the first and only GODS that ALL GODS major and minor were fashioned after. Including Sol, PAN, Jehovah, The Trinity,The Mother of God, Allah, Satan, Set, Brahman, The Sugmad, and your minor gods: Horus, Moses, Jesus, Rastafarian, Buddha, The Tao.  To name a few.

You don't have to be a 'god' to be a Creator.

But you must be a Creator to 'create' a God.

Note: In reality, God or man does not create at all.

Matter and Energy always existed and cannot be created or destroyed. Only change Form. So the FORCE is the same. It is the FORM that is forever changing.

This Force is God within you. Even the Atheist has this Force in him or her and he need not call it 'god'. For as soon as you give a name to this FORCE, or put a sound or syllable to IT...You have limi...

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