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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 10
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You should be over 18 years old to read and study MetaPsychics. However a person's chronological age is may not be his 'mental age' and a person who is not 18 by earth years may be able to Know, Understand and Use MetaPsychics.

But another reason we put the hold on MetaPsychics at 18 is that, like a child, a person should enjoy his teen-age years as teen-agers who are becoming and not necessarily as a conscious spiritual being. Children and young adults should be able to live and study their immediate environment as 'unbiased' or objectively as possible.

Spiritual studies should be studied later in a person's life for without 'earth or social unbiased knowledge' one does not have a good framework to grow in, spiritually or otherwise.

MetaPsychics has nothing to do with devils, demons or psychopaths.

Being a evolved doctrine of ETERNAL LIFE and LIVIN, MetaPsychics have only taken Christianity to the next level.

What has for years only been understood as Religious Dogma and Magick is now proven and demonstrated as a usable Science and Technology called MetaPsychics.

It is a Science of Spirit book. 

No more. No less. No guess.

MetaPsychics is based on:

The Reason,

Purpose, and

Self-esteem of the Spiritual Being {SP}, Paragon or Denizen.

REASON: To create a better world by creating better Spiritual Beings who inhabit physical bodies with a dual mind.

PURPOSE: To create a functional {SP} Spiritual Person or Being {SB}.

SELF-ESTEEM: To increase and balance the power and pride to be Yourself.

Posted by: Brewster

Aug. 27, 2019, 8:28 a.m.

Why MetaPsychics?

MetaPsychics is a new science under the sun in that it has discoveries not known before it was created such as 'man didn't evolve from apes', he always had a primitive brain and body, but it was not created by any God and it developed through EVOLUTION. EVOLUTION is how God create the universe not us.

Man's SECOND DYNAMIC is not only to procreate but is for creating himself and his environment to raise a family or do otherwise. This is to say Man's Second Dynamic is to CREATE, RECREATE and UNCREATE himself, his world, his mind and body.

By creating the physical universe, God or Consciousness is able to have a PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION as well as a false PSYCHIC MANIFESTATION for only the PSI BEING is genuine and real.

So why use MetaPsychics with so many self-help material and books on positive thinking?

Because MetaPsychics is NOT a book on positive thinking, or self-hypnosis, or self-help, or religious or science jargon that does nothing for you. We live not on promises in the future that may or may not happen. This kind of 'false hope' may suffice but it doesn't satisfy as it falsely claim with the advent of 'the comforter.'

MetaPsychics deals with real problems, in real space and time. And SOLVES real problems in real Space and Time.

But these kind of problems are not on the surface and are known as HIDDEN NEGATIVE COMMUNICATIONS in the brain and mind, for the mind is nothing more than the inner activity of the brain and body.

These problems we call {N.E.T.} or Negative Electronics Traps.

Here are some of the major ones known to us and mankind:

Part One:


Because the brain is dualistic, man has a dualistic mind, when it should be just ONE MIND.

And not only just ONE MIND, but ONE MIND that is connected to everything and anything in the physical and psychic Universes.


The term {SP} Spiritual Person can be interchanged with {SB} Spiritual Being.

A {SP} or {SB} is a person who recognizes that he or she is a spiritual entity in human form. He is his universe, world, body and mind and he is NOT his world, environment, body, and mind.

A Paragon or Denizen or specialized spiritual entities for they have unknown knowledge of MetaPsychics.


A PARAGON is a SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} who decides he wants to return to earth one day after death, but he knows he cannot return in the same body, but a new one, of the race, shape, and form that he likes. 

Paragons usually come back in a body of the same race they were in before, but this is optional, they can be any race they please.

They normally and joyfully become HOUSEHOLDERS and Fathers and Mothers.

But to tell a person his only mission on earth is to PRO-CREATE is the PHILOSOPHY FOR ANIMALS not HUMAN BEINGS!

A DENIZEN is a {SP} who REALIZED he is on his last journey. This is it. He will never ever return to earth again...

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