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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 9
The Major Difference

The Major Difference

In most religions and religious organizations it is always the job of the participate to find a 'mediator' between him {or her} and God Almighty.

This can be 'Moses', Christ, Mohammad, John Smith, Haile S., and ect.

In MetaPsychics the SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} discovers that he or she is the SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} and that they are only uncovering their true selves as a Spiritual Being {SP}.

The SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} may become a 'mediator' on the way to BEING like God, but he and she abandons that role for the temporary role of a SPIRITUAL BEING {SP}: Paragon or Denizen.

The SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} is an EXPANSION of God and is not created by Him.

Mankind goes from an Ignorant level, to one of Passions, and then one of Goodness.

Once a person has studied MetaPsychics he or she is able to establish and maintain a state of supreme knowledge and bliss.

You can NOW go from the Goodness level, to a Super Good level, to a Better level, and finally the Best level or position for a Paragon or Denizen to Control and Command any Universe, body and mind as a PSI BEING.

From here there can only be Enlightenment, Education, Enhancement, Expansion, and Transcendental Entertainment.

All else is deem illusion.

Posted by: Brewster

Nov. 10, 2011, 10:10 a.m.

The P's Have It!

MetaPsychics is concern with basics. Why? Because Life is ever changing and so are you. What was written yesterday may or may not apply to the person today. 

One of the easiest ways to avoid this 'time-lag of education' is to give a SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} the basic building blocks of Life. Therefore the SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} can construct his own universe, solutions and ideas as they pertain to his life as IT IS, not as 'others' wish it could be.

From the top of the spiritual chain we can address a set of 'P's' that you can utilities as a psychic tool to help you solve problems are affirm positive statements.

For instant. lf your physical {STEMm} body is starting to weigh you down, you can remind yourself that the essence of you is:


You can USE PSI, PSYCHIC, PHYSICAL Energy as Qi {chi} ti change your inner ane outer reality.



Posted by: Brewster

Nov. 7, 2019, 7:14 p.m.

Benefits of Being A Spiritual Being {SP}

A {SP} is a Spiritual Personal {Being} that KNOWS he is not a physical body but the ENERGY of the mind and body.

This is not an ordinary energy but the SUPERIOR ENERGY

of God as your soul and everything else.

SPIRIT KNOWS that it is aware and aware of being aware.

It UNDERSTANDS that it is a Spiritual or Eternal, Psi-Being with a mind, body, environment, and Universe it uses to have fun in, work and play.

It USES all FORCES and FORMS for IT's spiritual, mental, and physical gratification and earthly pleasure.

When the Light Body is perfectly aligned with the physical body, the physical body moves with ease and with less pain, if any pain at all.

The Elec...

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