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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 5
Sexual, Standard, and Spiritual Love

Sexual, Standard, and Spiritual Love

Most Churches and even groups teaches conjugal love, or love between a man and a wife. However, conjugal love has it's base in the word 'union' and 'united'.

This means that conjugal love is a 'union' between any two things are people are places that are in love. It is only recently that the word was used strictly to mean a man and woman in marriage.

Conjugal love is great but limited. It can extend from two people, to three people...four people, and even a group of people. But this is normally called the 'family unit'.

It is only when Conjugal love is insisted upon to the exclusion of all other love syndromes that makes it detrimental to anyone. 

So up to now, mankind was only laiden with Conjugal love and that had to be for God and Country, Husband and wife. And that was it!

Well, Love is a little bit more expansive than we have known.

One of the most wonderful and most marvelous breakthrough in MetaPsychics, second to the fact that you are part and parcel of God called a Spiritual Being, is the codification and classification of Love the greatest emotion promoted on earth...everywhere and anywhere.

In fact, Love is so powerful that in the bible Jesus said that God is good and God is LOVE.

"For God so LOVED the world {people?} He gaveā€¦”

Giving is the essences of Love but we are getting off track.

Without a lot lof intro, a person easily becomes confused about what love is. For he loves his parents, but not like he loves his friends, and not like he loves his girlfriend... And what about love for God?

Sexual love is the most known love on earth. The bible calls it lust. Lust is an energy and ...

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