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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 4
The Super-soul and You


THE SUPER-SOUL is localized above the head of the SP {Spiritual Person} and is the True EGO of the Spiritual Being {SP}.

Since so much negative connotations are given to the words ego and emotions, we remind the Spiritual Being {SP} that the E-go is only 'Energy on the go', and the E-motions, are 'Energy on the Move' or 'Energy in motion'.

When you think of God’s Energy as being your emotions and ego, regardless of what you say, think, or feel, it makes them easier to live with.

The E-go is basically the View Point of the Spiritual Being {SP}.

After the E-GO comes the EMOTIONS, a part of the psyche that is often overlooked and ignored.

The E-MOTIONS are the definitions of what you FEEL either fr...

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