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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 3
MetaPsychics: Main Theme

MetaPsychic: Main Theme

           METAPSYCHICS: ‘The Science of Spirit over Mind' is actually based on two theories of Albert Einstein, one of the smartest men of the twentieth Century. He certainly was First Among Equals.

The first theory is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which change the very fabric of science and how man looked at things today. 

Among the other great things that he did was give us two great natural laws that we can demonstrate in MetaPsychics for they work on an Eternal bases.

The first Law we use is the one where Einstein states that you cannot solve a problem on the same level as the problem.

1. You can not solve a problem by being a part of the problem. You must take a transcendental view. A Detached Viewpoint.  Or 'Look {Think} outside the box.'

2. Light is dimensional and dimensional-less. Light is not white, but appears white in color. Light is made up of photons that have no mass or weight. And no matter how big or how small a particle can be, all light particles, or photons move at the same rate. Therefore pure light as all light is, is CLEAR.

You see, Light is the only phenomenon that goes beyond the physical universe and the psychic mind. Light is more than just a prism of colors. 

Light is Energy or Power.

  Light is also a symbol of Wisdom of God.

 Absolute Wisdom is knowing you are part and parcel of God or The Eternal.  There is God: The External/Internal/Transcendence Super-soul and you the [soul}.

In Metapsychics we postulate that all living entities started as Light Beings at some time. Rather they were something else before that is not of our concern at the time.

In other words, Light Beings could be aliens from other galaxies, planets, dimensions, and time zones. as well as ‘earth angels’.

Now Light is made up of photons and photons are made up of waves and patterns. 

In MetaPsychics we postulate that light also contained LIFE.

And the LIFEFORCE. This LIFE-FORCE is also the LIFE of the LIGHT BEING or Spiritual Being {SP}. 

The Light in man is manifested as Life, the Qi, intelligences, ego, emotions, thoughts, inner and outer processes and activities, and even mathematics, art, literature, and music to name just a few of Its attributes in man produce b...

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