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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 1


This is The Supersoul, God.

The Source and First Cause of all things seen and unseen.

Moving and non-moving.


{This is your soul, the most culimative 'part' of your existence.}


{This is the inferior energies of The Lifeforce or Superior Energy or Anti-mater as: Qi, PSI {Spiritual} energy, Light {Psychic}-mater, Dark Mater, Dark Energy, Space, Time, ether, electricity, electromagnetic energy the EMF {Electromagnetic- Field}, biochemical electromagnetic energy, fire, air, water, the ego, emotions, intellect, mind, body, environment, world and Universe.}


{This is infinite or Eternal time. One can only transcend time by being 'timeless'.}


{Action/reaction/no action. The actions of a Paragon or

Denizen are NOT eternal.

They do not last forever. Only God and 'the soul' does.}

God and you {as your own soul} are both ETERNAL.

All else is Infinite and Finite.

Who needs MetaPsychics?

First we are going to find man in the worst of states...He is helpless.

Man is HELPLESS. He does that. He does this. And in the long run it all comes to nought.

Too often people don't appreciate what you do. The ones who do, don't appreciate it enough. The few who are satisfied, are only satisfied for so long. You feel you're d...

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