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from The Jivanmutka by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2017–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 6:





SANKHYA​ means ​‘discrimination’. 

 Literal meaning of ​Sankhya​ is "discrimination" between ​purusha and ​prakriti so as to show the liberation of ​purusha

​ .  

 It is important to know PURUSHA​ as FORCE. And PRAKRITI As FORM. 


The focus is to discriminate between purusha {FORCE} and the higher mental states: ​manas

​ and buddhi which are part of ​prakriti {FORM}

​ .  

 Prakriti is a fully real material substance, and not the creation of Brahman's uncanny power. 


 Metaphysical "realism," i.e., the external world is real.  


Metaphysical pluralism, too--i.e., there are many individual souls that will remain individual and isolated even after their liberation from ​prakriti.


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