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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Welcome To MetaPsychics
Science Of The Soul

Dedicated to:

L. Ron Hubbard

Kirby J. Hensley

Jon G. Murray

Friedrich Nietzsche

Langston Hughes

Harold Kemp

Anton LaVey


Welcome To MetaPsychics


Who Has The Power?

Who Needs MetaPsychics?

The Wave Of The Future

MetaPsychics: Main Theme

The SuperSoul

Who Benefits From MetaPsychics

Sexual, Standard, and Spiritual Love

The Final Solution

The Nuances

Bad Religion

Launch date to Public: 06 17 2014

The Perfect Source

The Impersonal, Personal, and Private Worlds

The True Self

And What About The Agnostic and Atheist

The Major Differences

The P’s Have It

Benefits of Being a Spiritual Being

The Inner Battle Brought To Peace

The Problem: Clots, Blocks, and Locks

Where You Are Now: The Basics

Ground (0)

Why MetaPsychics

The Psychology Of MetaPsychics

Master of Your Soul

Bliss Consciousness

The Superior and Inferior Energies

METAPSYCHICS: Research, Discovery, Tested, and Released

Panacea For All Psychic and Physical Problems

‘TRUTH’ That Works

The Gifts {Talents} Of The Spirit

Be, Do, Have<...

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