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Windy Day: Days are windy
by Stan Wick


Blustery days are ahead. Today is one of them. Many days are going to be windy. Winds are chiming the chimes and the wind is going to occupy the times. Wind and rain will contnue to occupy the day as it is blustery. Blustery days ahead will continue to occupy the wind and the rain. Wind is the most important in this blustery day.

Wind will continue to bluster away at this day. This day will be windy and blustery. Ending this day will be wind. Wind will end this day and it will be blustery. Wind and...

Hold On!

Hold on to the clothes. They are falling off the clothes line. Close the hatches! Close! not clothes! Grab the clothes and now close! Good lord! I make no mistakes when I tell you about the serious WHOOSH!

WHOOSH! my lord almighty. Hold on to your britches. Enter sandman in the canvas. My lord almighty. Heaven on earth look at the wind. Windy rain and rainy wind be up in this madness. Oh my!

I cannot believe the wind today my god. Wind be happening! WHOOSH! watch out for the day comes when th...

Look up!

There is a cloud! Look up! winds are frailing away at your face. Looking up at the clouds won't help. Look up! Cloud and the wind. Wind and the cloud. Cloud and wind. Oh me and oh my. Cloud and wind. Wind and the cloud, LOOK UP!

Oh me and oh my wind and the cloud. It is a cloudy cloud. How can a cloud be so cloudy? No one knows but the wind and the cloud are very loud, in my opinion.


Dirt is flying!

The dirt is being lifted off the ground. It is flying around. Watch out for the large pebbles my dear! Large pebbles and the wind and the rain and the hail are on the way. Watch for the wind and the rain and the hail. Hail and the rain and the wind are in the schedule. Watch for the rain and the hail and especially the wind and the rain and the rain. The combination are very intriguing.


Wait for the wind

Wait for the wind in this silence. Enjoy the silence. Beware of the silence. It will be loud very soon. the wind and the rain are in the mix.


Chime sound

Hear the chimes on the prairie air. Watch the prairie grass as the chimes make sounds. Sounds of the chimes are in the air. Winds are chiming in the prairie. Chime! Chime! Chime! Can you hear the chimes chiming? They are chiming. Chiming away.

Listen and hear them do their work.


Wind and rain
No rain

We have been waiting for rain. No rain today. Just wind. Only wind. Dry wind and no rain. Crops need rain to grow and be healthy. Wind. Wind. Wind.


Hair in the Wind

Dance the day away. Have your hair free. Let your hair freely dance in the wind as you dance in the wind.


Windy wind
The Wind is Windy

Windy winds are windy. Windy and windy winds are so windy that windy winds cannot keep up with all the windiness. Wind instruments need to be playing in my ears right now. Not much wind today. Flutes would be nice to hear. I'm in the mood. Wind.


Windy day
Day is WIndy

Days are windy and windy days are head. Watch out.


Wind and Hail

Hail storms are ahead. Watch out for windy hail. It will be hard on your body. Be careful


This Windy Day
On this day

This windy day it is windy. Winds are windy this day and age. Perfect for wind sailing.



Instruments are windy. Windy instruments are windy. Wind instruments make wind. Wind is made. There was such a wind from that instrument it was appalling. Can we hear that again? ... Oh my word! Jazz Flute! playing now! Im not good at this. But I will try.


Days ahead
Be windy

Windy days are ahead. wind and wind are ahead. windy days. Wind and wind and wind and wind. Days will be full of wind.


Windy Streams

Rivers of wind! Whoosh!


Triangles chimes

Chiming triangles in the wind are chiming away. Watch for the birds. They are disturbed.


No water

No water this day. Wind is drying the day up. All day. Wind and wind. No water.


Winds And rains
We have Rains!

We have rain! Rain in the wind is good!. Amazing rain! Rain and wind. Windy rain. Dance in the rain!


Wind and dry days

The days are welcome. Days ahead will be dryer than the rainy ones.


Prairie Grass
Endless prairie

Prairie grass is flowing in the wind. Windy prairie is in the wind. Windy prairie. Prairie is here. Prairie is now. Now is the prairie. On the prairie am I. Lots of wind on this prairie land. Lots of grass and wind around the land of prairie.


Bend in the wind

Bending grass in the wind is happening in this time of ours. Winds are bending the grass. Grass has always felt the bending winds. The grass enjoys the bending in the wind.


Against the Wind

In the darkness with the radio. Secrets that we shared. Mountains that we moved. Til there was nothing left to prove. I remember what she said to me. Oh so tight. Wish I'd known now what i didn't know then. We were young and strong.


The Winds of Change

Change is on its way. The winds of change are brewing. A storm is coming, better get home quick! Winds of change are imminent. Winds! WHOOSH!


A New Day

A new day is this day. We need something fresh in our lives sometimes. The old is old. New is a great way to see things differently and refreshingly.


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