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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 54

Working quickly to pack up Sasha’s room, Mariel stopped suddenly when she spotted the silver box she’d knocked over when she’d arrived, unexpected, so many months ago. Sasha stopped packing and turned to face Mariel; her head cocked to the side. Mariel stood in the middle of the room, cupped the little box in her hands, her eyes unfocused as she stared at something far beyond what she held. 

“What is it, Mar? You OK?” Sasha asked worriedly.

“Wha? Oh, yeah. Fine.” Mariel responded, clearly still distracted. “I...umā€¦knocked this over when I came to find you that day. Tess found me crawling around on the floor, trying to find all the earrings. Nearly scared the crap out of me!”

With a knowing smile, Sasha gave Mariel a one-armed hug before resuming her packing. “Yeah, she can be a lot to take in the first time you meet her. The day we met, I ran upstairs and locked myself in here.” Laughing, she took the box from Mariel and added it to the box she was filling with the last few items. “Well, I think that’s it. I can say good riddance to this place!” 

Noticing there was a slight quaver in her friend’s voice beneath the brave words, Mariel returned the one-armed hug. “And about time, if you ask me” she declared vehemently. “There’s nothing here worth missing!”

Sasha picked up the box she’d finished filling while Mariel grabbed a last armful of clothes. “You can say that again. Anything worth anything is either packed in the truck or right here beside me.” Laughing, the girls walked down the stairs and out the front door for the last time.



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