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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 53

Hawkins returned to the living room, knowing Fitzhugh was in good hands, and that they’d soon have some answers. He put his hand on Harvey’s shoulder in silent question as he gazed at PM Watson’s empty office on the monitors mounted on the wall. 

“Sorry sir. They were gone by the time we got the feed going. Looks like they left in a hurry, but we couldn’t chance sending anyone in until we knew what we were dealing with.” 

Both men knew the Guardians were limited when a Light Worker, even one who’d turned traitor, was involved. Hightower might sense shifts in the Energy, thereby eliminating the advantage otherwise gained by the element of surprise. After the explosion at Council Headquarters, they couldn’t risk another demonstration of Hightower’s temper, especially in an area as densely populated as London.

“You handled it just fine.” A slight twitch of Harvey’s lip was the only indication he understood the rare compliment Hawkins offered. “I suspect wherever they are now, it’s heavily shielded and extremely remote.”

“Probably not a mile underground this time, though?” Harvey asked.

“Probably not, but I’ll get Phil’s team on it right away. They may be able to find something before the trail goes cold.” Hawkins’ sudden disappearance was far less unsettling to Harvey than his appearance had been to Fitzhugh.


“…get a handle on where they went?” Phil was saying as Hawkins appeared in the mess hall at the Bass Lake compound.

“I see you already know.” Hawkins smiled grimly. 

“Sasha and Mariel have been following the energy signatures of those three.” Phil explained, unable to completely mask a note of fatherly pride. “They tried to follow when Watson and Hightower left London, but Hightower showed some unprecedented sense and shielded instead of using the diversionary tactics he’d been employing before. Either that, or a signature we hadn’t mapped did his shielding for him. Both girls report sensing an odd sort of vacuum feeling when the two disappeared. They have trace amounts of their energy signatures, but nothing definitive right now.”

“Maybe we’ll get something out of Fitzhugh, assuming he even knows where all of Hightower’s hiding places are.” Hawkins replied.

“My guess is that he keeps a lot of secrets from his partners. He’s not exactly the trusting type and is sure to have several escape plans.” Phil observed.

“Considering he was able to fool the Council for years; I wouldn’t doubt it.”

“Not just years.” Phil said grimly.

“What do you mean?” Angry color flooded Hawkins’ face.

“Kyra discovered that birth records have been altered for centuries, successfully masking the fact that Hightower and everyone who held his seat before him were actually from the same family. Fitzhugh and Watson are tied to a second family whose records have also been subtly altered over the years.” Phil waited pat...

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