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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 48

Prime Minister Watson’s secretary entered his office to find him uncharacteristically distraught. Known for his unflappable calm, even in the worst of circumstances, this sudden deviation from the norm was enough to stop the man who had served as his secretary for nearly twenty years in his impeccably shod tracks. 

“Beg pardon sir.” Jonathon Parkins paused in the doorway, straightening his perfectly tied tie. Realizing Watson was unaware of his presence, Jonathon moved further into the room, closing the door out of habit. Often, conversations in this room were not meant for the ears of others.

“Prime Minister? Can I be of service, Sir?” He tried again.

Watson continued to pace his office, muttering under his breath. Staring at his longtime employer in shock, Jonathon’s mind worked overtime to comprehend his strange behavior. 

The PM? Muttering to himself like a Bedlam inmate? he thought. Would it be prudent to ring his physician? 

Watson abruptly ceased his pacing and addressed the secretary. “I assure you, I have not lost my mind. Just a bit of bad news from a cousin in the Colonies.” He said as if reading the man’s thoughts.

“Certainly, Sir”. Jonathon replied as if he’d noticed nothing untoward. “Is there anything you require from me?”

“As a matter of fact,” Watson’s head snapped around, his eyes gleaming, as if the idea had just sprung into his head, full blown. “I need to speak to the best military strategist we have. Would you please find out who that would be and have him in my office today?”

“Certainly, Sir” Jonathon replied, reaching for the doorknob to begin the assigned task.

“Oh, and Jonathon?” Jonathon turned with a questioning look.

“Yes, Prime Minister?” Jonathon replied, standing still as a statue, his face as impassive as marble.

“Schedule the meeting for dinner. Ask them to join me and order something in. Make certain my office is fully secured for this meeting.”

Accustomed as he was to the peculiarities of the gentry, and his employer in particular, Jonathon nodded once before turning, once again, to leave the Prime Minister’s office and perform his...

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